LootCrate Ships Defective Armless Fox Amiibo

Many fans scour stores for defective amiibo, but the lucky owner of an armless Fox amiibo had the toy shipped to him with his LootCrate subscription.

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Alsybub1350d ago

With there being so many of these miss-builds decreasing the rarity of such items, I'd imagine that those that have been paying high sums for them on eBay will find them considerably devalued as time goes by.

shaw981350d ago

Though there is a difference. So far we have not seen one of the same defective amiibo on ebay. So far on Ebay we have only seen one two cannon samus, one legless peach, one "Invisible link", one bald Mario and one armless Fox. Think of them like pokemon cards. There are many rare pokemon cards, but all those different rare pokemon cards are... different. Unless we see another defective Samus or another defective Mario, then will it go down in value. So far these defective amiibos are all individually valued.