Suikoden 2 file size revealed for PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita

The file size for the digital release of Suikoden 2 on the Sony Entertainment Network Store has been revealed.

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Enemy1195d ago

Everyone should buy this game and show Sony that we want a new Suikoden for PS4.

FarEastOrient1195d ago

Yes copy Dragon Age Inquisition and remake it into Suikoden. Open world, lots of chracters, and you can upgrade your castle. Suikoden so far ahead of it's time.

TFJWM1195d ago

What are you even saying?

OT: I guess I'll have to pick it up just for the chance of new one

3-4-51195d ago

Just started Suikoden 1 about 5 hours ago.

It's awesome so far. I've heard Suikoden 2 is much better so that has me even more excited for it.

I bought that also earlier today.

PoSTedUP1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

D*mmit, i just bought Alundra, medievil, and redownloaded like 9 ps1 JRPG's in hopes i would finally get through some of them... looks like this just took over everything. setback again....

im glad sony put this out, i hate when the release crap ps1 games that no one wants. i get upset lol.

hows #1? i dont think its released on the vita.

LordofYogurt1195d ago

I have heard of this game...people love it so much, I enjoyed JRPGs back in the day. I never bothered to research it and I'm just now finding it out.

Perhaps I should give them my money.

Inception1195d ago

If you searching a JRPG where you can recruit 108 characters, build / manage your own castle, manage your own army, fighting an intense battle of army vs army or one vs one, and a great story with some political ellement, betrayal, and friendship than you should buy Suikoden 1 & 2.

pivotplease1194d ago

Story sounds Tactics-ish. I think I'm sold. Especially that part about the castle. I've always wanted a castle.

LightDiego1195d ago

Finally i will play this classic, and let's hope for a new game for PS4.

RosweeSon1195d ago

Now can we have tekken 3 on the EU store please ;)

Rockets121195d ago

Not too bad of a file size. I have heard about this game, but haven't gone around playing it. Not a big fan of digital copies (I love having the boxes), but I'll definitely give this a try.

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The story is too old to be commented.