Battlefield 4 Doesn't End With the Final Stand, Says DICE

DICE has announced plans for future Battlefield 4 content, with the developer saying that the Final Stand DLC drop is “not the end” of the game.

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Starbucks_Fan1322d ago

Super happy they are considering classic maps.

3-4-51321d ago

Kharg Island please. I'd start re-playing BF4 on PC again for that map.

ThatOneGuyThere1321d ago

I want BF1942 maps. Invasion of the Philippines and I want to storm Omaha again.

Mega241321d ago

The real question is, are they going to give it free, charge for it or be part of the Premium.

TheRedButterfly1321d ago

Real talk. I just bought Premium, and if they charge for it separately... -_-

lipton1011321d ago

I really hope it's free for premium members. I spent $110 or so on this game and really can't justify anything more with so many games out

NuggetsOfGod1321d ago

Console gamers are the cow or the game?

CorruptBoyd1320d ago

Battlefield's the Cow, EA the farmer.

BALLARD321321d ago

Oasis, Harvest Day and Grand Bazzar please.

Keltech1321d ago

All Aftermath and close quarters maps please

CorndogBurglar1321d ago

It ended a long time ago for me.

Muzikguy1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Me too. Between when I got the game and now there's hardly any servers >_<

At least for what I want to play. I also doubt players will be added with Destiny, COD, and Halo out

awi59511321d ago

There are lots of servers its just the browser is very broken. If you search for US or your country only 3 times as many servers show up. The browser is just broken.

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The story is too old to be commented.