Capcom Director Teases New Game Announcement

Capcom is hard at work on a number of titles for various consoles right now. Apparently, there's even more coming down the veritable pipeline, as Dengeki PlayStation this week reveals that the company is working on even more content.

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gangsta_red1351d ago

"Capcom is hard at work on a number of titles for various consoles right now."

LMAO! And people here kept on saying Capcom is so broke that they can't afford to make another Street Fighter by themselves.

Enemy1351d ago

No one's saying they're gonna stop making games themselves. Just that they are struggling, thus SF5 is only happening this early because of Sony. You might wanna go read Ono's tweets about that. He's the one that confirmed they didn't have the funds to back him with.

FlameHawk1350d ago

Yup, I'm glad we don't have to wait until 2018 or later for Street Fighter 5.

gangsta_red1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

He claimed Capcom didn't give him a research and development staff or budget, but never said they didn't have any funds.

Soon after that tweet though, Capcom, Dimps and Ono himself started tweeting out hiring posts looking for developers for a new fighting game in development.

No doubt that Sony was already in the process with Capcom on creating a new SFV which more than likely would explain why SFV did not give Ono a budget because they knew Sony was footing the bill.

So again, it has nothing to do with Capcom not having any funds for SFV, it has everything to do with Sony cutting a huge check to make SFV for PS4 only.

Yetter1350d ago

so SFV isn't being released in 2018 anymore? When is the ETA now?

ShadowWolf7121350d ago


You DO know that not having R&D or budget means you're not funded... right?

Nor does not having the funds to make the game mean they have NO money. It just means Capcom is in such a bad spot right now that they have literally no extra money, and frankly a few more big flops will kill them. You didn't think they kept releasing more versions of already-existing SF games for fun did you? It was to spend VERY little money to try to make a profit off of it.

Bottom line: Street Fighter V, if it happened at all, was going to have to wait for another 4 years and probably release with only minor improvements. Now it can come a lot sooner, have full R&D, have the mechanics improve, and Capcom doesn't have to sweat it. Also allows Ono to do something he really wanted to do with Street Fighter: Cross-Play. Make the community whole instead of being fractured.

Don't toss out matter-of-fact statements without proof.

SlapHappyJesus1350d ago

There's a difference between not having the funds and not having a budget.
They had the money to fund another Streetfighter title. They weren't currently in the works of the project, therefor no budget on the table.

Anybody who made a stink with MS's Tomb Raider deal and not this a being hypocritical, because the only difference is one paid for timed exclusivity and the other made it so that a long-running series appeared only on one console.

Andreas-Sword1349d ago

I hope Onimusha 5 for the PS4 and Xbox One!
And Sengoku Basara 5 for the PS4!

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KwietStorm1351d ago

Yoshinori Ono himself said several times on twitter that his studio didn't have funding for Street Fighter V, and so he was unsure if it was going to happen.

pyramidshead1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

People will tinfoil hat no matter what they say. It's Ono's word against an angry forum poster.

Seems as if after the Street Fighter 5 announcement making it console exclusive on PlayStation 4 a whole bunch of people transformed into Capcom accountants and began telling the world over the internet on how they knew the gaming company's finances better than Capcom themselves. ;)

Just let the salt flow through them.

_-EDMIX-_1350d ago

LMFAO! You new to gaming? Ken Levine also stated um.."himself" that zero PS3 version of Bioshock was being made...

The same damn company your trying to defend stated Dead Rising 3 was NEVER coming to PC...

LMFAO! Then..

You guys are so slow when it comes to business its not even funny, your ready to have Capcom force feed you any BS despite the history they have with timed games.

To be unsure of a Street Fighter game happening is like being "unsure" about a damn Call Of Duty map pack because MS paid for early access......OH YES!! BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER BEING MADE PRIOR TO THAT EVER!

Are we really that slow folks?

Sony Money hats are no different then the large roster of Money hats MS has done in the past.

Whats even more funny....with the same publisher no less.

Capcoms issues have more to do with overspending on certain projects. ie development funding isn't an issue, managment, team size control, marketing etc are.

They had a 600 man team for the last RE for gods sake, doesn't sound like they have money issues to me when it comes to developing games.

Not perfect, but in no way shape or form in situation were they can't create a Street Fighter.

Its a timed game folks, get over it.

Dark111351d ago

You know i think SF V was happening anyway but sony involvement made it happen more quickly

after all Ono did say they didn't have the funds.

DigitalRaptor1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

You literally glossed over his point about it happening sooner via Sony putting up the funds to make it happen before 2018, JUST to make a situation in your mind that you want to justify as being true. Your comments as of late have been very black-and-white judgemental.

That's exactly what Ono-san was referring to, but you're pretending it's not.

You know Capcom is not in the healthiest of places as a gaming company, which is why they didn't give the go ahead for his team to make Street Fighter V until a later date (as said by himself to be 2018). They likely have had the funds to make the game at a certain point in time as a company, but those funds were being funnelled elsewhere this gen, until the heads of department gave the go ahead.

miyamoto1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

So you are implying Ono is a liar?

Ono says no budget for Street Fighter V
Yoshinori Ono says he doesn't have the budget or staff to make new entry in series; Ultra Street Fighter IV not going next-gen.

by Eddie Makuch on July 16, 2013

347 Comments 289 Shares 30 Tweets +1
Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has spoken out to say that Street Fighter V is not in development due to budgetary issues.

A fan asked Ono on Twitter if he was secretly working on Street Fighter V for next-generation consoles, to which the designer replied, "I don't have R&D budget and staff."

He further explained that his team is now focused entirely on Ultra Street Fighter IV, which was announced at EVO this weekend.

Ono also confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter IV is in development only for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. No plans are in place right now to bring the update to next-generation consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U), he said.



I don't have R&D budget and staff who they're just only make USF4.RT @MC_Odd: @warmlettuce Are you secretly working on a SF V for next gen?

The PS4 has Japanese game makers on its shoulder so its not very hard to understand the backing its getting from Capcom. The Japanese developers and publishers thought that M$ money will solve their problems last gen. Instead they suffered a severe backlash from the Japanese gamers! Japan's deals with Microsoft last generation did not go well instead it almost killed them .

Its time for PaybackStation 4!

kazman1350d ago

i agreed with you till you copy and pasted about Microsoft destroying Japanese devs that you posted in a different post. lies

_-EDMIX-_1350d ago

Lord please give it a rest. This isn't the first time a developer and capcom no less has lied about development of a game to make it seem like a legit exclusive.

"Ultra Street Fighter IV not going next-gen"

....yet Resident Evil 2002 is being ported to next gen?

LMFAO! Soooooo the game sold more then RE won't get ported.....?

Man buddy, you just lubing up for them already? I mean....yet

The whole damn series has been ported.....I highly doubt they were never going to port as they port everything....


Soooo they don't have the funds to port over the title that is making them the most money to 2 systems.....yet they have the funds to port RE from 2002 across 5 platforms? LMFAO! Mind you, one of the least selling RE's by the way.

Um..yea bud, just keep on believe its not a money hat.

Godz Kastro1350d ago

I dont want to hear anything from anyone when MS opens up their wallets and makes more deals like this. It goes both way.

Ill tell you what, on of these companies has much more money to spend than the other.

Before this it might have been frowned upon but Sony has stepped in the arena. Honestly in a much more distasteful way so if the pandoras box is be it.

Why o why1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Ms had all that 'more money' last gen yet chose not to fund internal games or studios for the final 3 years.... this only benefitted those who bragged about ms's moolah and those that enjoy playing monopoly .....NOT gamers sitting through droughts lost in the irony of their quips ridiculing bankrupt ridden sony who managed to outperform ms in output, consistency and quality....playable stuff throughout the gen.

I'm wondering if you were so staunch when the tr deal was penned. It was just business right yet this is an act if

Yep, one has more money but the other has more sway and respect.

_-EDMIX-_1350d ago

LMFAO! Yes..Capcom is struggling, but they by no means are in need of help in terms of developing games. Not sure how dense one could be to really believe that PR BS with SFV.

Soo...did you guys just sleep all previous gens when MS had developers claiming a wave of BS just to make a timed game seem legit?

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Relientk771351d ago

Dino Crisis, Mega Man, Breath of Fire

hopefully it's something good

chrissx1351d ago

Seems capcom is working hard to get their mojo back. Good news hope they get their heads right

Enemy1351d ago

Too early to say. We don't know what they intend to do with Resident Evil and DMC, plus there's still nothing on Megaman, Onimusha, Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, etc.

Seems they're mostly sticking to milking Resident Evil.

bloop1350d ago

A new Onimusha that looks and plays like the intro to 3. That would surely get their mojo back. Make it happen Capcom.

-Foxtrot1350d ago

Not really

They still have the obsession with co-op and action in Resident Evil. Now they've made Revelations 2 episode based.

Good lord.

The day they do a reboot of RE which goes back to survival horror, a new Mega Man game, Dino Crises, a proper DMC game and a new IP which isn't average THEN they'll have their mojo back.

TXIDarkAvenger1351d ago

Have a feeling it might be DmC

IIFloodyII1351d ago

It could be, there was a recent trademark for a new one.

Ultr1351d ago

Really? Cool stuff, loved dmc

Vandamme211351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Just give me devil may cry 5 and asura's wrath 2