Mortal Kombat X Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick Talks Tournaments, Goro, Game Modes

Hardcore Gamer: We sat down with Mortal Kombat executive producer Shaun Himmerick during and asked some though questions about the upcoming game.

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ValKilmer1265d ago

There's some great questions in here. I think you might have tripped him up on the game modes question!

TXIDarkAvenger1265d ago

err...a pre-order only character.

hiredhelp1265d ago

Too many tekkens starting to get milked plz dont over milk a great IP still love good old mega drive (sega genisis) Get over here Sub Zero wins "FATALITY"

hiredhelp1265d ago

Ha ha ha too many late nights wtf tekkens soz guys mean MK of course palm face time.

iammiguel1265d ago

plz add an option to block by pressing back !!!