Why You Should Play Suikoden II, One Of The Best RPGs Ever Made

Kotaku - For a certain subset of gamers, today is big. Really big. Like, the biggest day in years.

That's all thanks to Saturday's surprise reveal that Konami and Sony are teaming up to do something fans have been begging them to do for almost a decade now: today, Suikoden II is out on PSN.

I honestly never thought I'd write those words. "Suikoden II is out on PSN." But here we are, and finally, today's gamers can play one of the world's finest role-playing games without pulling out the old PS1 and wasting a small fortune on eBay. You can now buy a copy of Suikoden II that can run on both PS3 and Vita for the damn reasonable price of $10. And you really, really should.

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Lucreto1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Okay people BUY THIS GAME.

Forget your backlog and put this at the top of the list to play.

I am loving all the attention Suikoden has been getting since Saturday. I just hope it continues.

3-4-51319d ago

Just downloaded Suikoden 1&2 on my Vita.

Been waiting for this for years.

Canary1319d ago

Why? Because: obviously.

GokuSolosAll1319d ago

I just bought it. The first was a flawed masterpiece, so here's hoping it fixed those issues holding the original back. I'll be playing tomorrow.

dudeOplenty1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

play the first one first, then use the save to carry over to suikoden 2 for some extra content. THEN play Metal Gear Solid and have Psycho Mantis ask you if you've been playing Suikoden.

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The story is too old to be commented.