Kingdom Hearts Destroyed the Necessity for Disney Worlds by Building its Own Mythos

Zachary from Save/Continue says,
"When Kingdom Hearts was first revealed way back at the turn of the century, it was an incredibly curious creature. Disney‘s many animated features are beloved the world over, and the Final Fantasy series is one of the most successful gaming franchises to date. Do they really belong in the same game though? They certainly used to, but recently I’m not so sure."

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Blues Cowboy1350d ago

Personally I think that the KH storyline has become far too convoluted and complex, and failed to learn from the Disney films it features that rely on timeless characters and simple yet powerful plots to succeed.

Don't get me wrong, I love the games, but I hope that there's actually more emphasis put on the Disney worlds in KH3 rather than the reams of jargon and unintelligible twists that have been piling up.

mechlord1350d ago

I agree with you. The non numbered games are where the insanity really went off the charts...We have had non numbered ones for far too long and SE made the mistake to consider some of them canon...then you have multiple platforms and a messed up timeline...its a mess.

Zotaku871350d ago

Honestly, while I agree that the multiple platform debacle was a mess (thank goodness for the remix collections), leaving any of them out of the canon would just not make sense. The only one that could be it's own thing apart from the rest of the series is re:Coded, as they shoehorned that game in from its original mobile release and MADE it fit. Aside from that, they're all pretty integral.

Also, by now it's impossible to think that KH3 would feature a simple plot. There are just too many loose ends to tie up. I feel like it will be an amazing game, with the excitement of Xehanort's conclusion, Lea's growth as a keyblade master, Kairi's return to relevance, and so much more. It's the finale (for now), and I am looking forward to it.

GokuSolosAll1350d ago

Disnwy is too prominent as it is. We need more Square to balance things.