Until Dawn: It’s “Unlikely” Players Will Keep all Characters Alive in First Playthrough

Design director Tom Heaton said he and the other developers believe “it’s unlikely that many players will get eight characters through to the end on the first playthrough.”

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Godchild10201346d ago

Am I the only one that gets a Heavy Rain vibe from this?

LaFleur1346d ago

Nope, I'm in the same boat.

Hendrickson1346d ago

Yes very much a Heavy Rain game. And Heavy Rain it was impossible to keep them all alive. If it's so much like Heavy Rain, I wonder if it will have similar Heavy Rain bug where you could keep yelling Shaun over and over. (Vid is on YouTube)

miyamoto1346d ago

I think this gameplay style that David Cage made is a perfect fit to this kind of game and storytelling.

Dramacydal1346d ago

Ditto. Glad this title didn't die.

Enemy1346d ago

I could tell they were heavily inspired by Heavy Rain's style of decision making. They look very similar, which is a good thing.

hkgamer1346d ago

its definitely similar in a gameplay sense.its an interactive movie.

it was a ps move game so im guessing most of it would be button prompts.

tanukisuit1346d ago

Heavy Rain with a touch of Obscure and Obscure: The Aftermath (in my humble opinion).

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hiredhelp1346d ago

Dead means Dead.... Hmmm im just gonna grab my coat before hairs stand up on my neck.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1346d ago

Can't wait for this game man !

Immorals1346d ago

Reminds me of the suicide mission. Rip jack!

hkgamer1346d ago

looking at gameplay videos of this game its going to be hard to keep them a live, just has too many variables and some things just seem out of normal survival tactics.

one video had player pick up scissors andd the use it on enemy. not sure if it was picking the item that triggered an evitable death or it could have been actually using the item.

unlike heavy rain where it was pretty easy to keep them all alive. that game was actually harder to let the characters die.

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