Why Suikoden II is the Best Game You've Never Played

IGN - Suikoden II is now available on PSN for PlayStation 3 and Vita, several months after an ESRB rating portending its immanent arrival. The fabled RPG is a legitimate lost classic. Released in the United States in September 1999, it was overshadowed by higher-profile PlayStation releases like Final Fantasy VIII, and thus saw very limited distribution. Never reissued in America, copies on the open market currently run over a hundred dollars.

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CorndogBurglar1346d ago

Don't tell me what games I have or haven't played.

Enemy1346d ago

One of the best JRPGs most people have never played. I'd kill for a new Suikoden.

Crystallis1346d ago

Even though it wasn't as big as FFVII, Jrpg fans know its right up there with it.

Also when it was released it wasn't a game missed by many even when FFVII came out.

EL Lanf1346d ago

I'm one of the rare breeds that actually prefers Suikoden I, having played it about 6 years before II and also having it teach an myself (an 8 year old) that gameplay is more important than graphics gives it more sentimental value. I liked the story more too.

Qrphe1345d ago

The graphics are actually really good in this game. There are hundreds of animations in it for the most ridiculous thing (ex: typical female villager doing laundry).

TheOnlyMastrx1345d ago

Jokes on you, I have played it! Loved these games by the way.

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The story is too old to be commented.