There's Something More to the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Port

CheatCC says - "It feels like Square Enix performed the ultimate troll. The company finds out via a Japanese survey that Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved PSOne games and people want a remake of it more than anything else. Hell, people have been begging for its comeback since the PS3 days.

This makes the Final Fantasy VII PC port a dagger to the heart of anyone who loved the original game. Sure, you'll get your game on the PS4, but guess what? It's pretty much the exact same game, with only a few minor adjustments. You can practically hear the trombone in the background and Nelson's "Ha ha!"

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sonypsnow1318d ago

Real Fans Final Fantasy 7 fans should support Square Enix effort to spread the Greatness of Final Fantasy 7 to new audience!

Instead they are embarrass ashamed about the 17 year old graphics be made available on PlayStation 4, As if Final Fantasy 7 was bad 17 years ago!

They are not true Fans. Real Fans accept that Square Enix still loves Final Fantasy 7 and want it to be share to today's Generation and People who never played it before.

Real Final Fantasy 7 fan, would even share the experience of playing Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation 1 today!

Playstation Experience announcement could a be a Message that Square Enix is bringing back more Original JRPGs Experience like Final Fantasy 7 that people have highly acclaimed all these years!

Thantalas1318d ago

You know - I did wonder (hope) if there is something more to the announcement...

DVAcme1318d ago

@sonypsnow Really? How am I supposed to be excited about a 17 year-old game being re-released in the exact same shape it was before? I can already get the game from the PS1 classics. Whoever wanted to play the game CAN play the game, they don't have to wait for the PS4 version. Not only that, the fact it's a straight port means the game's old-timey flaws and antiquated mechanics are gonna stick out kike a sore thumb.

Square Enix keeps showing a contempt for their diehard fans that is appalling, to say the least. I hope the FF7 port bombs hard. We live in an era when our money speaks like never before, with things like Kickstarter and digital distribution. We should semnd a message that Squeenix actually has to WORK for our money.

strauser3601318d ago

There is a delusion in video games where we as customers think that the developers genuinely care and consider their jobs to be art, but unfortunately its only a delusion and calling yourself a "real" fan because your a SE apologizer as opposed to a "fake" fan like me or other people who clearly see that square enix is full of shit. I'd rather just buy a PS1 and play the game the way it was meant to be played, maybe I'll be a true fan if I do that.

justinprince1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Being a Square Enix fan is like being in a loveless marriage where the magic has worn out. Instead of doing something new they continue to just rehash happy memories like it's something to be proud about.

"Remember that time I put rose petals on the bed and first said how madly in love with you I was? Sure that was 20 years ago but I bet if I do it again you won't be so mad I forgot your birthday dear..."

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Christopher1318d ago

If you've at all been paying attention to how Square manages ports, you know the only thing Square wants here is easy money on a port. That is where they get a ton of their money now, not on actually making new content. Just suckering people into buying the same game they have on an older platform on a newer one.

GamerGT1319d ago

I have thought of this a strong alternative to a remake as much as that would be nice. I believe square is capable of continuing the story. Further more, a lot of the Final Fantasy games have been remade for Nintendo's handhelds. And then you have your remastered HDs. But they have skipped around 7-9 which were the most memorable games I played during my childhood. Who knows if square has thought of the potential the games could be rebuilt/remastered or continued to current generation.

thehobbyist1319d ago

I personally feel Squeenix isn't making a FFVII remake because they fear it won't live up to the original.

Canary1319d ago

No, they're not making it because they're a terrible developer. Squaresoft and Enix were great, but Square-Enix is mainly just a publisher. Sure, they'll finance the occassional new game (like Bravely Default), but they spend most of their money producing sequels to established brands and financing remakes of older games. That's their business model.

MRMagoo1231318d ago

How can it not live up to the original , all they have to do is make the game graphics up to this gens standards the rest like gameplay story and what not are there already.

ThatEnglishDude1319d ago

If you think Square are unaware of how many people want this game remade - then you're simply being naive.

I_am_Batman1319d ago

Of course they are aware of it. The question is will they dare to make it happen? I think a FFVII remake is actually quite a risky project for them to start.

If they start with the concept of leaving the game untouched besides the graphics they'll probably realise that it won't appeal to people that haven't played the original game before. If they change too much (gameplay,music or even visuals) the fans of the original game will start to rage. People adore that game so they'll put it under a microscope when they get it. They'll definately nitpick about every little thing that doesn't fit their nostalgic memories.

They can't get it right for everyone and considering the amount of money and time such a project would consume I don't think they'll do it unless Final Fantasy XV sells bad.

Cuzzo631319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Well I say if Sony wants it, they will help fund it. Square said a remake would take alot of time a resources, hell the game was 3 discs of 650mb per long. But seeing now that we seen 2 elder scrolls games on ps3 and a new Fallout coming... keep in mind those games are huge especially Dragonborn. If Beltestha can do it, a remake wouldn't be too hard considering It's gonna be a rpg. FfVII had alot of cut scenes too tho. So I say if Sony loves It's fans enough they will give us FFVII. Fund the damn thing and release in Japan for a year atleast and see what happens

kayoss1319d ago

You know what is risky? Making 2 sequels to Final fantasy 13.

ColeMacGrath1318d ago

Sly Copper 4 was made by another developer and it received good feedback from fans.

Yaay4me1318d ago

One of the most intelligent comments ive read recently.

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rainslacker1319d ago

They're aware, and even commented on the possibility of it. I think a lot of it comes down to money though. FFVII was a massive game, bigger than any game made today. To make FFVII to SE graphical standards, and record all that text into voice, would make the game incredibly expensive to make. It would probably end up being the most expensive single game made.

They could revamp it some, but there is just way too much content there compared to more recent RPG's.

Magnus1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

That's where the game basically prints the money for itself. To save some cash just rehire the voice actors who did Advent Children their voices were great in the movie I thought The game does have a cult fallowing and the fan base is there for it. If SquareEnix sunk cash into making a dream for the fans they will see the game is going to make the cash back. Sepecialy with the power of the PS4 that system has hardy been tapped to its full potential.

Canary1319d ago

But what do people want? A remake that is faithful to the original, or (as is the impression I get) a remake that adopts the same aesthetic and tone of Advent Children and the other melodromatic, even-less-coherent spinoffs?

I don't think we should be making any noise for a remake until Square-Enix can demonstrate that they're capable of making a game equally as good as it, or better; otherwise, they're more likely to destroy the legacy of FF7 than improve upon it.

GokuSolosAll1319d ago

Imagine a remade trifecta; FF 7-9. I'd pay any amount.

Relientk771319d ago

I would buy that hands down

CorndogBurglar1319d ago

FF 7-10 for me, please :)

Would that be called a quadfecta?

Magicite1319d ago

I would trade my soul!!!

kalkano1319d ago

If done right, I would LITERALLY pay $1000 for the trilogy.

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