Showtime Anytime, Now on Xbox One

If you’re an Xbox Live member in the U.S., you can now access unlimited hours of programming, including current seasons of the highly buzzed-about series “Homeland” and “The Affair.” Subscribers can also watch the East and West Coast feeds live through the app. Showtime Anytime on Xbox One is available for free to all who subscribe to Showtime through participating television providers. You can also preview the Showtime Anytime service and watch select episodes of Showtime series for free on the console. The app is also available on Xbox 360.

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yarbie10001351d ago

Is Red Shoe Diaries / Beverly Hills Bordello on there?

Eonjay1351d ago

Nice app but I prefer the model HBO is going for where you can get a sub without the cable company.

Kingdomcome2471351d ago

Yeah, definitely. That will always be the more appealing option.

Outthink_The_Room1351d ago

All companies will be building that approach in the future.

Alot of these companies are watching what HBO does first since it's basically the big dog in that regard.

It also depends on the pricing of HBO Go. I think $10 a month is good. It needs to be near Netflix pricing if it wants to avoid a backlash.

Adding HBO to a normal subscription is like $11 or $12 on average. But since HBO doesn't have to pay money to the provider, they can take the $10 freely with no fuss.

I really hope HBO doesn't get greedy and ruin it for everyone. Like I said, companies watch HBO and if they set a bad precedent, we're all screwed.

1351d ago