Street Fighter V’s PS4 Exclusivity Could Be A Major Problem for Microsoft

GeekParty's Julian Watkins: "...when Street Fighter V was announced as a PS4 and PC exclusive, my response as an Xbox owner was “eh.” If it was, say, the next Fallout or Red Dead Redemption title, I’d be pretty upset, but not being able to play Street Fighter V on my Xbox leaves me completely unfazed.

But then I realized that Xbox owners who do enjoy Street Fighter games must be as frustrated as I would be if I couldn’t play the newest game in one of my favorite series. The power of deduction and ability to sympathize are strong with this one."

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Massacred1320d ago

Hardly, a big blow? Sure, but this is business, it sucks that I can't play Rise of Tomb Raider, Bayonetta 2 and Street Fighter V all on the same platform, but I very much doubt this will be a "major problem" more of just a hindrance.

Abash1320d ago

I think the PS4 in general is a "major problem" for Microsoft, with or without Street Fighter 5. If the console were neck and neck with their install bases, then SF5 might make a difference. But the PS4 is already in quite a large lead

sonic9891320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

It's really funny that Nintendo are the exact opposite of microsoft with their strong and unique 1st party content and microsoft is very weak in that department.
Let me tell you something even funnier some xbox guys at different post were claiming sony stole 3rd party games from them to justify their tomb raider deal and past ones now let's guess which games they were talking about, bloodborne the order and other 2nd party games where the ip is completely owned by sony pretty much like how sega developed that f zero game for gc or sumo digital and lbp3 according to their logic those games are 3rd party.
I cant believe how people think anymore they should stop consuming the mainstream media and stop spongebob that might help a little.
But who am I to talk when call of duty succeeds every time, or a console with inconsistent support and no diversity like 360 kinda succeeded simply because it was cheaper nothing else

dudeOplenty1320d ago

it's a big deal to some people. i bought every system last gen with a fight stick for each one. this was because i played in tournaments and the system used usually switched between ps3 and xbox360. with SFV being exclusive, i now only need a PS4.

the fighting game scene is one of the most dedicated fanbases in video gaming. this definitely creates a significant schism between consoles that isn't in Microsoft's favor.

Army_of_Darkness1320d ago

Considering how Street fighter is one of the biggest fighting franchise in the gaming world, I'd say it's a massively huge, king Kong balls type of deal! And it being built from the ground up for the ps4+pc is gonna be insane!

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medman1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I think the Street Fighter deal is more impactful for Sony than the Tomb Raider deal is for Microsoft, and it has nothing to do with SFV being a true exclusive and TR being timed, but rather the fact that there are many undecided gamers out there who may decide they can't live without playing the next iteration of the most popular fighting game on the planet, and therefore their decision on what current gen console to buy gets swayed toward Sony. That's what it's all about for these companies, the mindshare. Sony owns it right now, right before Christmas. And gamers who may not have been paying attention to what is coming out for which particular system in 2015 may now look into it, and decide the ps4 is where they want to/have to be, and Street Fighter may be the game that got them to take a look. Rise of the Tomb Raider, by comparison, is also coming to 360 (size and scope limitation confirmed), and it can be argued Uncharted does Tomb Raider better than Tomb Raider does Tomb Raider, so the impact of that is further diminished. And as Sony continues to move more and more ps4's, with numbers approaching 20 million sold in a little more than one year, developers will see the ps4 as a device they HAVE to release on, making 3rd party exclusivity deals more difficult and more expensive for Microsoft to make.

Massacred1319d ago

Oh I totally agree. Here was a comment I made on another article about it.

"I've been giving this a bit of thought and if you really think about it, I believe this may be the most significant Gaming related thing that PlayStation has done this generation. (well aside from E3 2013)

Consider the fighting game community. While not as big as the something like the FPS community, it has an incredibly dedicated fanbase and brings in people who will typically play for years and years. These are exactly the type of people you want on your console, people who will be constantly using it.

By getting Street Fighter V as a console exclusive, Sony has essentially ensured the entire current generation fighting game community will be gaming on PlayStation. Not only have the ensured that this game will sell on their console only, they have also ensured a constant revenue stream of people who will pay for PS+ and hundreds on pieces of content but most importantly, they have ensured that all mutiplat fighting games for the rest of the generation will always sell better on PlayStation, mark my words, Every. Single. One. Effectively about 2 million people will likely buy a PS4 simply over this title and Sony has essentially gauraenteed them to be customers for the rest of the generation.

What this comes down to, is that I would argue that this might be the single most important maneuver made this generation so far, even more than something like TitanFall being exclusive to Xbox and PC."

MCTJim1320d ago

There was another story about this about 2 hrs ago and I don't seem to see it anymore...but about this story. Its only an issue if the person makes an issue about it. Im personally not phased by it being a PS4 exclusive, but some might be. I just don't feel the excitement in fighting games when they were at their peak back in the 90's

NerdStar71320d ago

I don't like this either, but Microsoft started the trend so it's their own fault.

Death1320d ago

This trend started with the Atari 2600. If you think Microsoft started this you are simply very young.

KiwiViper851320d ago

Microsoft reinvigorated this trend.

Death1320d ago

For those that disagree, in 1982 if you wanted to play Pac-Man at home you had to own an Atari 2600. Atari had exclusive rights to port Namco games to their system. If you owned a Magnavox Odysee, you played KC Munchkin instead. I'm fairly certain this predates Microsoft's entry into console gaming.

If you were a Dreamcast owner in 1999, guess what game you couldn't play? EA's Madden. It was only available on the Playstation and N64. Metal Gear has been exclusive to Playstation on and off too. If anything I remember third parties being exclusive most on the Playstation. Sega had less support and Nintendo relied primarily on their first party studios. It wasn't until Microsoft released the Xbox that we seen Sony challenged on this front.

S2Killinit1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

yeah it existed earlier, but in the form that it is today, that was Microsoft's invention in my opinion.

gangsta_red1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

"But to the rest of the world? This is a huge fucking deal."

It is a big deal, anyone who is in the US and follows the fighting community or even watches a lot of well known SH player's youtube channels knows these guys play on the 360.

And everytime it's a subtle promotion for the 360 brand. Now this is gone. Not to mention Sony can directly promote SFV tournaments around the world and effectively promote their console at the same time. It's a massive PR move and Sony has the unique ability to push their marketing agenda under the guise of "we love gamers".

Some people say "meh" or they don't care about this, but it is a big deal. I say it's even bigger than the Tomb Raider deal. I mean do people have tournaments for a game that was released 5 years ago of Tomb Raider? No, but for SF they do, that community is strong and very vocal.


*Super SMH*

Death1320d ago

Street Fighter has a long history of exclusiveness. If you go back to the 16bit era you will see Street Fighter being exclusive to a platform until Street Fighter X,CE, Super, etc gets released on a competing platform. This is almost a given for the franchise. Sony didn't buy the IP, they made an exclusive agreement for SFV, not Super SFV, Extremely Awesome SFV, SFV Xbox edition or any other variant of the series. SFV GOTY edition, SFV: CE, or even SFVI.

BitbyDeath1320d ago

Hardcore SF players won't wait around for any of those.

ShadowWolf7121320d ago

lol Sony paid for and is co-developing SFV. If any game goes to another platform under that banner, it's only gonna be with their consent, or Capcom will have to have either paid back Sony's investment or built it on a new engine Sony didn't go in on.

That's reality, my salty friend.

Death1320d ago

Once again, Phil makes the same claims with Tomb Raider which they are also publishing on the Xbox. We all know it's still hitting the PS4 later. No salt needed.

ShadowWolf7121317d ago

Sorry broski, not the case. The only thing that Square has with MS is a tep deal. MS didn't pay for the development of TR, they didn't have their people on the R&D team, and they certainly didn't help build the game engine.

This is far more a case of Bayonetta 2 than it is Tomb Raider.

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