Do Trophies Threaten Achievements?

Since its launch, the PlayStation 3 has been incrementally adding features that allow it to do more of the things that were once the sole domain of Microsoft's 360. With firmware 2.4, due later this week, PS3 users will be introduced to a new Trophy system similar to the Xbox's Achievements. Will this new service be as popular as the venerable Achievement system? Will we finally see similar sales figures for multiplatform games on both consoles, or will Microsoft continue to be the go-to place for gamers to play multiplatform releases? Just how important are persistant game scores to you?

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Condoleezza Rice3815d ago

FW 2.40 will be shaking up the industry,I'll personally be buying future multi-platform releases based on how much content is included in both versions,the developer,and whether or not the game has Trophy Support.

Rikitatsu3815d ago

Although i think the Trophies are better than the Achievements because of the "Level Bar" thing ... I hate numbers

Mr_Showtime13815d ago

The platinum trophy, in a way it's like being rewarded an extra 100 gamerpoints for getting the 1000G in a game, which I think makes it all the more rewarding to complete games fully.

thereapersson3815d ago

If you get a bonus every time you complete a game 100 percent (or whatever a platinum trophy equates to), it will entice more gamers into playing a game all the way through, instead of playing it a little bit and then putting it down or soley concentrating on multiplayer.

It will get more people to experience what developers worked hard to convey to gamers.

LiquifiedArt3815d ago

Platinum's are gonna be a Pain in the arse! I can see some Gold ones, being a serious pain in the ass.

But back on topic. Yes. I think they will definetly see a loss of multi-platform sales in the future. Especially since the Trophies are a "NEW" thing and everyone is starting on equal footing.

The Wood3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

'im on level 42' vs 'my gamer score is around 76356549'

both are good its just the level thing is a good way to differentiate itself after the initial achievements copy.

ChampIDC3815d ago

I always thought the obsession over achievements was silly. All I've ever used them for is doing things such as throwing the cup back in the guard's face at the beginning of Half-Life 2. They point out fun things I'd never think of doing.

Tarasque3815d ago

Yeah shaking the industry for ps3 owner's, but this is something that has been around for a while. Better late then never i guess. But anywho i enjoy achievement's myself, so trophie's are very welcome to me i am more excited about trophie's than anything else in the update. I don't have a single friend that own's a ps3 so chat and messaging mean's nothing to me.

plenty a tool3815d ago

"shaking up the industry" lol that's a classic comment rite there!

no, i dont think trophies will be better or worse than achievments. achievements are micorosfts thing, and trophies are sonys! that's it! i can't see having them on the ps3 helping to shift consoles or anything else that the fanboys are praying will happen.

it mite influence a few people with both systems to purchase a few more multi-plats on the ps3. but then again, if someone likes their gamerscore, and increasing it is something they like doing, then i cant see them all of a sudden forgetting it and concentrating on trophies.

popup3815d ago

The Level Up system should unlock items and things in home. You could have a level 100 gamer with a mansion, diamond encrusted gold teeth, plasma on every wall and a Bugatti Veyron parked outside :)

player9113815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Because each achievement not only boosts your gamer score... but can also be viewed per game.

For instance:
On the 360, simply looking at players Gamer Cards show the last 4 achievements they gotten in the most recent game they played, plus their total gamer score. The icons in the gamer card will change depending on what game you last played. All of this is quickly accessible in-game by simply clicking on their names.

You can also click on a Friend or Recently Played Player. I click on their name and I can see all the games they have as well as see all the different Achievements.

So it is the same thing as your trophies with the exclusion that 360 gamers don't get anything for beating a game 100% except getting 1000 gamer points.

Gamer Points is just a total number of achievements unlocked in a number score. The normal GamerScore will be anywhere between 0 and several thousand. While it does max out at 100,000 it is rare to see anyone higher then 10,000.

I don't know how Trophies will work, but if all of your trophies are in your "Home" I hope they include a way to make looking at your friends trophies easy (else it would defeat the purpose of having trophies). Having the ability to quickly see your opponents gamer score will give you a good ballpark of how well the gamer is. If they have 20 Gamer points then they are fairly new vs being an elite gamer with 18,000 Gamer Points with all the games hardest achievements unlocked.

Some games on the 360 already give you bonuses for completing Achievements. For example: Halo 3 gives you new armor, emblems, masks, character accessories (like ninja swords), etc in Multiplayer. COD4 gives you extra multiplayer weapons and powerups for getting single player achievements.

This is one really neat feature about it because it encourages people to play through single player to gain a slight edge or coolness factor in multiplayer.

Lew_Ijgee3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

But there will be a 2d representation of your and your friends trophies in the XMB which will be accessible in-game with a side by side comparison. Not to mention a profile page (gamercard) which show the last time you played against that person and their last 8 trophies obtained as well as some other information.

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GutZ313815d ago

Actually a good question, but its also a no brainer.

Anything closely related to another can be a threat, sort of like Rome was to Greece.
Or how Nintendo sues everyone that uses anything trade marked by them with out a license.
Or some hobo being scared your trying to steal his crack because you ware the shoes that look alot like the guy that beats him up.

Its a threat if only for the simple fact that its similar.

MikeGdaGod3815d ago

wow you really took it there......with that being said, i agree.

i really like the leveling up aspect of the trophies. could be fun.

OgTheClever3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I suppose you could argue that the platinum trophy gives more of an incentive to get every other one (forgive me if there's a similar system in place for achievements) but I doubt there would be many selling their 360's just because of trophies.

Maybe only the leveling system could really set trophies apart from achievements, if it works well.

donalbane3815d ago

Yeah the way I look at it, it's fun to see how many you can get, but I sometimes feel, at least with achievements, that they are only fun if people don't try too hard to get them. When you join an online game and it's full of people trying to earn some difficult achievement or whatever, it's cheating, and not much fun for the other players. Personally I never chase achievements, and hope that we don't see a lot of people chasing trophies on PSN. Let them occur naturally... just my 2 cents.

ChrisGTR13815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

trophys are cool.

Drekken3815d ago


thereapersson3815d ago

Telling him that he needs to learn to spell when you replaced the word "to" with the number "2" is rather ironic, don't you think?

ChrisGTR13815d ago

LMFAO! drekken i thought you said you ignored me. LOL.

Tarasque3815d ago

Learn to turn youre cap's off.

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thereapersson3815d ago

Now it's up to the developers, and more importantly SONY to make sure they are implemented well; even more so, that they are actually put in games at all with future releases. What I am saying is that I hope developers give equal attention to trophy support as they do for achievements, because without the support this system (while really cool) is rendered ineffective and useless.