The Wii U Might Have Somehow Become The Console To Beat This Generation

Hardcore Gamer: We want to tell you a story you might not believe: the Wii U has quickly become the console to own.

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DryBoneKoopa851264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Good article. For anyone who is still sitting on the fence. Now is the time to snag a Wii U. Especially with all the diffrent crazy holiday deals.

Some other great facts about the Wii U...

Free online play!

A built in tv remote in the Gamepad (Life saver most nights when I can't find my actual tv remote.)

Mii verse which is a social online gaming chat rooms (great place for getting help or showing off something cool to the community!)

Backwards compatibility with your old Nintendo Wii games!

A ever growing Virtual console selection for all those retro tittles.

Great selection of indie games like Shovel Knight and Steam World Dig!

Game pad allows for off tv play.

Also 2015 is JAM PACKED with some amazing games like Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, The Legend Of Zelda Wii U, Yoshi Woolly World, Mario Party 10, and Star Fox Wii U.

Theparanerds1264d ago

I've been saying this for a while now

kayoss1264d ago

its time to plug the Wii U back up. Im looking forward to the new Zelda game. It looks very similar to Shadow of the Colossus.

herbs1263d ago

When it comes to having the highest quality exclusive software lineup the Wii U is the system to beat no contest. When it comes to sales however... Goes to show the average gamer doesn't have the most developed tastes when it comes to gaming. What's popular is never a reliable way to determine what is actually good.

zerog1263d ago

Just bought the mk8 bundle for $175, its jist too bad Ii can't play it till xmas. Got it for my kids lol. I own every playstation and nintendo console now since the begining of each and have always felt I've got my moneys worth out of both.

Concertoine1263d ago

I have little doubt the Wii U will be looked back on favorably by the end of this gen with the sheer number of quality titles nintendo is putting out.

randomass1711263d ago

I think it's safe to say Wii U will be remembered much more fondly than Wii since it actually has normal controls by default. :v

AJBACK2FRAG1263d ago

Unless the people you're playing with have a bad connection.My Wii U remote literally doesn't work more than a sixteenth of an inch away from my console. I dropped it a few times my fault. It's either the cliquest place on Earth or the dumbest. That you already beat sometimes years ago. Could be doing alot more. Indie games that can be good or terrible. Not for me. 2015 Monolith's X and Zelda.

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CorndogBurglar1264d ago

I'm getting one in February. Can't wait. It will be so good for my daughter.

I have my PS4, which is good for me, but there are very few kid's games on it.

Wii U has games my whole family can play together. I'm very excited for it.

MNGamer-N1264d ago

You'll be ripping the GamePad from her little fingers lol

CorndogBurglar1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

lol i hope she likes it that much!

Right now, she plays Castle Crashers on my 360. But even that has some pretty crazy humor for a 4 year old. I didn't realize how many poop and fart jokes are in that game until she played it, lol.

She also loves Minecraft, although I have to play it and she tells me what she wants to do.

She'll be a gamer, i just need to get her games that are a little more cartoony, which is why I want a Wii U. If you have any suggestions, i'm all ears. I have a 360 and a PS4. :)

Sincere01211263d ago

Ps4 might be a better option for your daughter as although Nintendo games are cartoony, its decieving, they are a lot more harder to play than a ps4 game would be as theres usually a lot more skill involved in Nintendo games.

You should get little big planet for your ps4, im sure your daughter would love that, mine definately does.

Slevon1264d ago

Probably going to be getting one soon myself. Watching people play smash and mk8 is getting unbearable to resist. Plus that Zelda footage looks amazing.

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