Nathan Drake Fell Through the Earth and Why That’s a Good Sign

Hardcore Gamer: Naughty Dog took a risk and Nathan falling down to earth showed it paid off.

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ValKilmer1315d ago

Wow, very well said. I'm glad somebody is being realistic about the situation and that it shows Naughty Dog and Sony are being upfront with us.

Thatguy-3101315d ago

Exactly! That's what I got from it. It's in pre alpha so of course it's not going to be perfect. This just showed that the demo was live and that we can expect to have a more polished game next year. No downgrades here man, it's just heading up from here on out.

Ezz20131315d ago

I'm very glad that did happen
Now, no one can say this was scripted or not real

inveni01314d ago

Yeah, when I saw that, I was like, "Whoa, they're doing this live." It was very cool to see.

G20WLY1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

What with all the crap other devs pull, there's always that niggling doubt these days when something looks THAT close to perfection...are they really playing that live..?

So, yeah, like everyone else, I was relieved to see that happen!

Demo was just awesome! Check out this video for brief overviews of some of the amazing new tech many of us would otherwise miss, what with so much happening at once:

Gemmol1314d ago

its still downgrade bro, I dont even know why you let the word downgrade bother you. The game still look good, but its clear from in game footage shown at e3 it is a downgrade, yes the alpha footage can get better, but it still a downgrade, get over it.....they have enough time to polish it and who knows maybe it will be better then the e3 in game footage, but come on man stop lying to yourself, even digital foundry and real sony fans can admit its a downgrade.....but remember the game still look good and the gameplay looks good....I bet you ignore the words I wrote and focus on me calling it a downgrade lol

Dee_911314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

any links to the video of drake falling through the floor?

edit nvm

Eonjay1314d ago


This is the first time game play has been shown. So it's not a downgrade. No other game is expected to have cut scenes on par with game play so this whole discussion is facetious. Image for example that someone were to take the Rise of the Tomb Raider teaser and use that to call the eventual game play footage a downgrade.

A downgrade from what? Surely not game play.

Bansai1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Soon, glitches will be on every video, cuuz it's more legit xD

wtf is wrong with you people

tekksin1314d ago

banzaii it's not a glitch. the player messed up and fell. The transparency we're talking about is Naughty Dog willing to risk playing a live version of their game for us, in the face of pre-recorded footage.

Kinda like a musical talent. They can lip sync (pre render), they can record their song by singing it when nobody is around on the stage environment where they plan to perform (showing pre recorded gameplay), or they can just sing (play it on the spot). Naughty Dog chose to play it on the spot, and that says a lot more about them and their product than some douche on stage pretending to play a game in its most perfectly script scenario.

Tzuno1314d ago

Dude they tested the market to see reactions , now they need to put their asses harder at work and do more.

Gemmol1314d ago


Stop making up words like cut scenes

go google any article from around e3 and you will see ND never said it was a cut scene, they said it was in game footage of what the game would look and every other sony fan in here keep twisting there words....for what I do not understand....they specifically said what it is....they never said cut scene or any other stuff yall make up.....please stop it.....and like I said still look good and I cant wait to see how it improve

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Relientk771315d ago

I'm glad atleast some companies and developers are being honest with the gamers

Godz Kastro1315d ago Show
miyamoto1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

If this was intentional.... that kudos to ND!

Again ND raising the bar.....of honesty!

I hope this becomes the new trend in gaming.

ND is pure class act like Uncharted 2 E3 demo they made me a believer in the relevance of video games yet again.

All_Consoles1314d ago

The last of us took a downgrade in graphics and AI after the live gameplay demo

Uncharted 3 took a graphics downgrade after E3

We shall see how honest they actually are in due time

MasterCornholio1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )


I'm glad that they didn't pull off any BS with the demo.

ion6661315d ago

and finally what i've been asking for since socom 1 ........Strap's. straps for guns. It makes it way more believable. After this game it will be a standard. I'm looking at you metal gear.

Godz Kastro1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

The graphics alone was enough to prove it isn't prerendered.

Too many bugs in current Gen games to even play around. That was silly if done on purpose.

MasterCornholio1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

"Too many bugs in current Gen games to even play around. That was silly if done on purpose."

The games coming out in a year.

What did you expect a bug free pre alpha?

And then you claim that NaughtyDog programmed the bug into the game.

Your comments are getting really crazy.

What happened was that NaughtyDog played a demo of an extremely early build of the game. While playing the demo they ran into a bug. That's it.

The demo wasnt prerendered or anything it was realtime. With an actual human being with a PS4 controller in their hand playing the game.

I know you can't accept that but its true.


"Unless of course, they scripted the bug to convince people it was real,"

Some people like Kastro are claiming that.


1314d ago
Angeljuice1314d ago

Unless of course, they scripted the bug to convince people it was real, /s

Braid1314d ago

I can bet that's not the case here.

The gameplay video looks great, but there was nothing that I could see of which screamed CGI in terms of graphics, so no one would ever think about shouting "it was CGI" after the show anyway. Besides, the gameplay section here (understandably) has a lower LOD than the initial reveal trailer (with LOD getting enhanced dramatically in close-up cutscenes, which looked just as good as the first trailer in terms of character details) and that alone would convince people that what they're showing here is, obviously, real-time. I myself wouldn't need an evidence to back that up, lack of some details in the video (proper oclussion, lighting, soft shadows etc.) obviously suggests that it's NOT finished yet- and if something needs some finishing touches how could it be called "CGI", a term to specifiy the perfect image quality that is indistinguishable from an animated movie?

They didn't have to show any proof at all- gamers are smarter than that. It was just a glitch, or Nathan fell due to getting hit by the bullets, or the demonstrator unintentionally pressed the drop button, and as the skybox's limits were not drawn yet, Nathan fell through it. As simple as that.

1Victor1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Angeljuice you're right it was scripted I could see the Jedi punching when the guy controlling him was swinging his "light sable"

Angeljuice1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

I would like to point out that I don't for one second believe the premise I suggested (in fact I didn't even think of it, it was the little devil on my shoulder that whispered it in my ear).

I apologise to anyone that didn't realise I was joking (I thought the /s was a big enough clue).

Now it seems some people have taken it to heart. I guess some are just way too eager to jump on any conspiracy theory going (no matter how ludicrous they may be).

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VforVideogames1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

So now its ok to sell broken games? whats next sell the game first and the character later? this is getting out of hand first Halo now Uncharted?

Inzo1314d ago

WTF are you on about? to even mention Halo in the same sentence as Uncharted is blasphemes.

poor_cus_of_games1314d ago

What did I miss something? Uncharted isn't even finished yet. Do you honestly think that the demo is the end product?

Jayszen1314d ago

"....sell broken games?" This is a game that is a year away from release. You do realize that don't you? They were just showing us a demo of a game that is far from finished.

guyman1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Do you anything about game development at all?

My word, there are so many people trolling U4 in this comment section

tekksin1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

V for VG's: breathe water.

kenshiro1001314d ago

....Words cannot explain how ridiculous your comment sounded.

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ChronoJoe1314d ago

I assumed it wasn't a bug to be honest. If you look at the footage it looks as if the player simply accidently pressed circle. He didn't, really fall through anything.

The only thing he 'fell through' is one of the planes below used to illustrate the forest floor. It's unlikely that's going to have collision on it in the full release, normally (in Uncharted 2 and 3) the camera just pans away rather than showing drake fall through the floor. So it doesn't seem like a bug, rather they perhaps don't have the death scenes properly implemented yet?

Either way, I never considered it an issue.

CuddlyREDRUM1314d ago

Hopefully the game ships with this happening, that way we know it wasn't all just meaningless.

assdan1314d ago

I get what this guy is saying, and I have to agree with him. Watch dogs is one of the biggest let downs of all time.

BallsEye1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

These bugs are normal and alteast show a running code, ,however I can already see all the n4g news if it would be MS:

"Microsoft humiliates itself"
"Another Epic fail"
"Xbox got it's last nail to the coffin"
"Can MS ever regenerate from constant failures"

1Victor1314d ago

I disagree with you, ball you're just giving free headlines to those idiots making 10 reasons/ways/ whatever article writers to spam N4G with their 12 clicks garbage.
.. I just can't wait to platinum this game as all the other 3 uncharted games in my list . I trust ND will deliver another masterpiece and this early demonstration proves it .

DigitalRaptor1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Wow, so more victim complex bulls**t from you guys?

Stop whining about hypothetical situations. Stop acting like a victim, or you'll look like every single aspect of what Sony does, perpetuates your gross insecurity about Microsoft's consumer perception in this industry.

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Relientk771315d ago

Id rather have a bug in a pre-alpha demo and being shown clear as day, then the final product. Now Naughty Dog has the opportunity and time to fix this before the game releases.

King-u-mad1315d ago

are you referring to him sliding off the ledge or him falling through the map? Falling through the map is highly unlikely to be a bug. It's a pre alpha and there are a lot of systems that are not actively working or even implemented. Sliding off the ledge though... that most likely is a bug.

Rickgrimes951315d ago

Actually him falling off the ledge wasn't a bug according to the developer he just hit the wrong button instead of climbing he hit the drop button

Tempest3171314d ago

@king-u-mad can you explain why falling through the world is unlikely to be a bug?

tlougotg1315d ago

This isn't nothing new for Sony, prior to Gow3 release, uncharted 2, etc ppl couldn't believe these games and we got live on stage demos and even betas beforehand. Many of Sony first party games get live gameplay showings at shows before launch. Sony shows and proves while others show cgi, prerendered scenes or my favorite...... Live action movies instead of gameplay, then when it's released u like WTF lol

Sony Been doing live gameplay sessions for awhile at shows! Thts why thy get my support, no smoke and mirrors or controlled environment bs with actors lol

Septic1315d ago

Actually not to be that guy (you guys must really hate me now) but Sony (not ND) are actually big culprits in misleading gamers about what they're presented with. From PS 1 to the PS3 with Killzone, Motorstorm and other stuff, they've been quite annoying in misleading people like that.

ShinMaster1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Still going on about Killzone? Holy crap. That was back in 2005. Almost a decade ago. Before the PS3 even launched and some people still can't let that go.
As usual, there's certain people who remember that stuff the most and it ain't PS fans.

Bathyj1314d ago

Not to mention, that was a mistake, not a deliberate attempt to mislead.

"The E3 2005 trailer was not false. One confused Sony rep claimed it was a movie from the game engine - one guy blitzed out of his mind on fatigue, jet-lag and the madness that is E3. One guy not at all affiliated with Guerrilla Games - probably with a head full of 30 different titles," said "EON", a member of Guerrilla Games.

"Everyone else named the E3 2005 video for what it was - a target render of what we thought would be possible on the PS3. Something we would be aiming for. Then, during E3 2007, in front of the majority of the gaming journalist press, we released a trailer of Pre-Alpha code running and demonstrated a playable Killzone 2 that stunned the industry."

So one guy that admittedly work for Sony, but had nothing to do with the game was asked a question, gave a wrong answer and the whole internet blew up.

The problem wasnt the trailer, but how it was handled. No one was disappointed with Killzones visuals when it finally released, even if it wasnt a frame for frame match with the target render.

I think ShinMaster is right, nearly a decade, its time to move on for this error.

remixx1161314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Don't worry septic we don't hate you, you've just really been avid with high anger torwards Sony lately. It seems as if you hate them because they wronged you, but I can tell your just trying to break down the bias of Sony fanboy camp and trust me it doesn't work, all it does is get you labeled as a fanboy (even though your not) and pushed off a cliff.

Trust me I try it all the time with the Xboxfanboys, whether it be them posting biased lists of exclusives of MS vs SONY and only naming like 2 or 3 sony exclusives and naming every possible xbox game they can or when they cant take it when sony is doing really well so they use terms like "bankruptcy" to try and justify their opinion that Sony is crap. Trust me bro it never works.

They're just gonna label you a fanboy.

Inzo1314d ago

And yet KZ2 itself looked better than the E3 showing. Misleading? I think not.

ChronoJoe1314d ago

Not really Septic. Yeah Morstorm didn't live up to the obviously CGI trailer, that's quite a bit different then portraying something that's target rendered, as actual gameplay (Ubisoft).

Also, Killzone 2 looks better than the CGI trailer you're referring to. Look for yourself (7minute mark)

The models and texturing are far better in the actual game, than in the cgi trailer.

DigitalRaptor1314d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Septic - I was gonna post a reply about that, but it seems that the finer details of what happened with the Killzone and MotorStorm CG trailers have eluded you for all these years. So yeah you kinda are being "that guy", but not in the same way you think.

The replies have already said it better than I could.

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ion6661315d ago

NAUGHTY DOG , There the last of the mohicans as far as quality goes.

Rimeskeem1315d ago

It shows that the gameplay was authentic.

LamerTamer1314d ago

Not really, they could have staged the bug to make you think that.

Rimeskeem1314d ago

It would be really hard and annoying to stage a bug.

Inception1314d ago

Your theory doesn't make sense. If ND can staged the bug than obviously they prefer to staged a flawless demo would they? But the reality none of that happen because they choose to show a real time demo, so deal with it.