10 Reasons to Pick the Nvidia Shield Tablet over iPad Air 2

When it comes to shopping for tablets this holiday season, there are two main contenders: The Nvidia Shield Tablet and the Apple iPad Air 2.

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jagiii1314d ago

That's a cool gaming tablet.

awkwardhamster1314d ago

A welcome affordable addition. Not an ipad killer but great for gamers

SnakeCQC1314d ago

I've got a shield tablet and beyond the game streaming feature it feels low quality and the light bleed is crazy! I really have never seen light bleed on a tablet or a phone! I recommend the galaxy tab 8.4.

Immorals1314d ago

My tab s 10.5 is lightning fast. Just comes with a few pointless apps, I mean I can use it to control my s5...?

schlanz1313d ago

I just bought a tab pro 8.4 and love it. Bestbuy had cyber monday deal for $199.. quite a steal. still awesome at its current $229 price. say what you want about touchwiz, samsung makes quality hardware, especially its displays.

SnakeCQC1313d ago

Yeah my phones are always samsung galaxy s series because of the awesome amoled displays.