Dragon Age: Inquisition patch reduces hair shine, also does other things

BioWare is looking to address some of the most common player complaints with a big new Dragon Age: Inquisition patch.

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NerdStar71018d ago

Dat hair grease... gone.

ScubbaSteve1017d ago

Hope the update deletes Sera.

tablecloth1017d ago

Yeah, delete something that is optional.

Viryu1017d ago

Oi, I actually romanced her! Which was kinda annoying though. But during exploration she has some of the better dialogues, and her prologue is one of the more interesting ones.

3-4-51017d ago

Wouldn't shine be MORE REALISTIC though ?

* If they are running around fighting,sweating, rolling in dirt, and NOT SHOWERING, their hair would get pretty greasy, and thus, SHINE.


Viryu1017d ago

Nooooo, shiny hair! Pre order CANCELLED! Nah, kidding, PS4 master race.

rextraordinaire1017d ago

Awww, I kind of got used to my Inquisitor's plastic beard!