Suikoden II is a Steal at $9.99

Technology Tell writes, "However, there’s one thing that I fear will give people pause. When Suikoden II comes to the PlayStation Store today for PS3, PSP, and Vita owners, it will have a $9.99 price tag. Most PSOne Classics are $5.99, and the increased cost could put some people off. Most people expect to pay extra for PSOne games from Square Enix, not Konami."

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Massacred1292d ago

A classic any fan of RPGs should support.

Maybe we can get more PS1/PS2 classics released if this does well?

Amuro1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

If only people supported this release enough for Konami to realize there's interest for a new Suikoden game on next-gen consoles. I can only dream about it.

Yakuza and Suikoden are 2 of my most favorite franchises.

Massacred1291d ago

Good call, I'll let as many as possible know to go pick this up

3-4-51292d ago

Pricing error...It was showing up at $5.99 so they removed it and it's still NOT UP YET.

It's NOT available for download on Vita yet, because they are fixing that I think.

Just tried to download it.

1292d ago
KingofGambling1292d ago

Suikoden VI. Come on, Konami.

Relientk771292d ago

I still need to play this game