Destiny DLC Restricts Non-Upgraded Users

Tickles writes -"This is our chance as gamers and as a community to stop this trend before it can go any further. Show your outrage! Contact Bungie and Activision, tell them we are not going to take the rampant money grab and (for lack of a better word) “bullying” that they have shown today. If we don’t put a stop to this kind of behaviour now, how long will it be before game developers provide the first three missions of a game and require additional payment for subsequent levels, if you want to level up your character, you need to buy an upgrade pack, if you want to finish on the climactic end level it will cost you an extra £20/$20 and if you want the multiplayer content you need to buy the multiplayer pass. This won’t happen tomorrow or even next year but unless we talk with our wallets, it will happen. BungieVision have started that ball rolling with taking away what gamers had after buying the game, and if such “esteemed” companies can do it….. everyone will."

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NerdStar71194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

"BungieVision" LOL.

JWiLL5521194d ago

Fairly certain he was laughing at the terminology, not curious about how it was formed :)

LordMaim1194d ago

And article number 6 on this topic.

metalmatters1194d ago

So people that dont want to buy the DLC want to play the dlc? I like that logic

xHeavYx1194d ago

Like you were explained before "People who don't want to buy the DLC want to have access to missions that they previously had access to"

metalmatters1194d ago

I do understand that, but its not like its permanent, its just this week and 6 weeks from there again, its not permanent Heavy

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pelida1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I hope they bring a 7th article on this subject; cause is Bullshit and people need to hear about it.

And stupid moronic fanboys are defending this crap!

I like the game but come on people

What's wrong with you Bungie? You used to be like the best studio ever.

OUROSMAG1194d ago

So do you get this mad when you're playing CoD or BF4 and the map rotation is something you don't have? Cause that's all it is. The weekly strike and heroic are both from the DLC.

You can't play something you weren't willing to buy, quit your crying and move on. Base game content will return next week.

CorndogBurglar1194d ago

I'll try to give a good argument without acting like a child.

What you say is true, in CoD or BF, you can't play when a DLC map comes up in the rotation if you don't have the DLC.

However, the big difference is that in those games, you can still quit that match, and rejoin another match that isn't running the DLC map. In fact, BF4 had a choice to include DLC content in the rotation, or not.

Destiny isn't allowing the people to do this. If a DLC weekly or Nightfall falls into the rotation, the non-DLC players cannot just join a new game. They are out of luck until next week, when, hopefully, non-DLC strikes will be chosen. They are basically disabling two of the remaining 4 things left to do in Destiny once you've reached the endgame.

I can understand the frustration. I have the DLC, but I would be pretty upset if I didn't.

kneon1194d ago

it's not like that at all, in COD or BF4 one map is the same as any other. In the case of Destiny they have locked players out from two of the events that yield some of the best awards.

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martinezjesus19931194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

So you want to play a strike you didn't buy??

Edit. I just saw your reply to psin4mant, wow, you dare call someone else a moron??

kneon1194d ago

I don't think anyone was expecting to play content that they didn't pay for. The issue is that this week, and presumably on random weeks in the future, players that didn't buy the DLC don't have a chance to play the weekly events and thus will not be able to collect the full amount of goodies that should have been available to them that week. In effect punishing those that don't buy the DLC.

Bungie could have easily avoided this by substituting in one of the old missions for those without the DLC, but I guess they never bothered to build in such flexibility.

sp0tlessmind1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

@ Pelida

Apparently Pelida as well many other people seem to forget that Destiny is a 10 year plan. That will carry your characters over to other games. Hence "become Legend"

How is it BS when this content was known for over a year?

If you wanted to play Destiny, then you should of known all this already?

I mean it can't be that hard to cough up $20? Or maybe you are 15 years old and Mommy said you can't have anything until Christmas. LOL

1194d ago
CorndogBurglar1194d ago

Really? He just gave you a perfect comparison to what is going on, and all you can say is, Bla bla bla?

You can say what you want, but people like you give the people that are trying to point out the flaws in this situation a bad name.

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