20 Best Screenshots From Your Favorite Games of 2014

Here Robbie find 20 best screenshots from your favorite games of 2014.

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skhawar1348d ago

i didn't play some games from the list but after these screenshots i wish to play as soon as posible

Hamzaali1348d ago

yeah . you should must try these games asap xp they will fresh your mind

alihkathia1348d ago

Dragon Age inquisition my most favorite game. screenshots looks awesome

jeb691348d ago

that's such a huge task to take on, but some great sshots nevertheless.

boyi1348d ago

I am giving 10 out of 10 to Watch dogs

NerdStar71348d ago

Meh, if I wanted to see a crap load of screenshots of games I would visit Neogaf. Nice click-baiting for dat advertisement moneys..

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