The Game Awards Isn’t What the Industry Deserves, but it Could Be

From Cinelinx:

This past weekend saw the debut of The Game Awards, a successor to the Video Game Awards show that previously aired annually on Spike TV. The inaugural show was streamed far and wide to gamers around the world, but it wasn’t great and seemed to ignore what makes the industry great. Not all is lost, however, as The Game Awards could be great, if they change a few things.

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TXIDarkAvenger1349d ago

They should remove reveals all together to be honest. It's an award show not E3 and considering the show was 3 hours long with many awards given to whoever was sitting near Geoff, it should be done. Those awards given out felt like it had no meaning, it was like "take your award and gtfo". Hell, they didn't even say why they won the award and who there competitors were sometimes.

TheRedButterfly1349d ago

Keep the awards, remove the dick jokes. -_- If we want to be taken seriously, we can't have people asking Reggie to a strip club.

TXIDarkAvenger1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Oh man, I cringed so hard at that. Actually everything he said was just...ugh. I mean besides not being professional, it wasn't even funny.

3-4-51349d ago

* Expand the games on the list and go into detail a bit more during the show explaining these games.

Even an extra 20-30 seconds per game, especially for these indie games, could do wonders for sales.

* Most award shows have Pre-show hype, so that is a must for Next Year.

You could do that, by increasing the amount of games that can qualify to win each category = more games to talk about = more people talking about the awards show.

* No way there are only 5 good games in each category every year that are worthy.

Should be 10-15 listed and considered, even if some are huge longshots, it would be good exposure for the lesser known companies that actually accomplished something.

It was a solid first show though.

Darkwatchman1349d ago

Any more than 5 nominees is overkill. I'm pretty sure the oscars only have 3-4 nominees for each category??

3-4-51349d ago

Oscars are a joke though.....All Hollywood award shows are.

mydyingparadiselost1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

For all my grievances, which are mostly aimed at off stage awards, to much advertising (but I understand, Geoff has to get some money to recoup costs), some of the award category choices (making mobile and handheld one category for example) and the guy playing the lasers it was the best video game awards show I've ever seen. Geoff serves props for putting it together and throwing in his own money to make it happen, it definitely shows that he cares about this and wants to do it right.

My suggestion to fix most of what I thought was wrong would be a pre show. Take an hour or two to do the ads, hype the show and throw in some of the reveals as well. This would free up time for more stage presentations, have a slightly more streamlined presentation and have time to show some of the bigger reveals. I hope they keep the musical performances though, they worked pretty (except for laser guy. Screw laser guy.) as a break from awards and, for me personally, I love seeing video game music performed on a stage.

KiwiViper851349d ago

All the talent in that room, and they had to look at that ugly ass game awards logo. I think its the least attractive logo I've ever seen.