Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi wages spore war on DS

Back this time last year, it emerged that new studio Red Fly was planning to release a quirky little DS game featuring some characters known as the Mushroom Men. The whole thing was still on the drawing board though, and little more has been revealed about the game since.

Until now that is. Today, the studio has spoken out a bit more about the game - now titled Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi - and what exactly it is mushroom men get up to when they're not lurking in dark, damp places.

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PS360WII3793d ago

I like the sound of it. Wonder what gameplay style it is? Mushrooms in a war with the insects and other mushroom tribes. All leading up to the Wii game. Published by Gamecock as well those guys are an oddity for sure

Drakol3793d ago

I like playing those odd games every now and then. And it's for the DS? Nice =D