Ninja Theory On Third Party Exclusivity: “There Are Far Bigger Topics In Gaming”

Ninja Theory’s Dom Matthews talks about the benefits of third party exclusivity deals.

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HighResHero1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

"There Are Far Bigger Topics In Gaming"
I definitely agree with that part.
....and yeah I read the article.

Testfire1263d ago

I've forgotten about this game till this article. I wonder if they'll show more at E3.

joab7771263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I don't get it. If there weren't exclusives, I'd never buy the other console. I love that it's that way. It's very healthy. We forget that competition is great.

Illusive_Man1264d ago

I guess 3rd party exclusives didn't exist during SNES/GEN days.....I don't get the raging going on.

showtimefolks1264d ago

Because it's Sony getting a huge 3rd party exclusive for a change. It is fine as long as MS keeps buying up exclusive games and DLC. The moment Sony does it Xbox defense force is in full effect

Give me a break hypocrisy at its finest

When it was tomb raider as a exclusive it was said well it's gonna compete against UC and ms needed that so now Sony needed it to boost sales in Japan

Transporter471264d ago

I honestly hate exclusivity from both sides. Miscrosoft is the one to blame because they are the ones who started it all. A big company likes Sony is not just going to sit and wait to see what other 3rd party exclusive they get. It is all business, and if you want to blame someone for this blame MS for all that stupid get it here first CoD DLC.

Multiplatguy1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I am not a fan of timed exclusives and timed DLC myself but really? The outrage over Tomb Raider was pretty massive; not only the players, but media and Youtubers were mad.

There is little to no outrage over Street Fighter V and Destiny DLC. There is hypocrisy on both sides.

@Transporter47 ...Microsoft started it all? Do you know that Sony made the same deal as Microsoft regarding Tomb Raider back in 1997 to keep Tomb Raider 2 off the Saturn? That was before the Xbox brand even existed. This is exactly the hypocrisy and uneducated nonsense that showtimefolks was talking about.

freshslicepizza1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

hypocrisy is only relevant if you can prove someone made an issue and now doesn't. what i saw when microsoft announced the tomb raider deal was how tomb raider is more of a playstation game and how microsoft is trying to keep it from non xbox people to play. now that sony does it so many are trying to justify it. saying everything from sony is helping fund it so its ok, to the xbox is not really a system for fighting games to microsoft started it. that is hypocrisy if you made an issue out of the tomb raider deal and now flip flop on the street fighter deal.

its all business, thats all it is. it is not in the interest of consumers. its in the interest of the parties involved and these things have been going on long before. gta san andreas on the ps2, timed exclusive for 6 months is one example.

darthv721264d ago

Are you being serious or sarcastic? 3rd party exclusives date back to even the 2600/colecovision days.

And SF2 was an exclusive to the SNES until capcom came out with the SF2T and called it champion edition on the genesis.

BitbyDeath1264d ago

I think we should get more of it from both sides.
Xbox and PlayStation libraries need more differentiation.
Bring on the exclusives!

SlapHappyJesus1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

You're going to get disagrees, but exclusives are the main means of differentiating consoles from the competition.

This is why so many PC gamers flock to Nintendo as their side console of choice. Nintendo tends to offer a library and overall gaming experience much different than that of the rest of the competition.
With so many games ending up on PC, it's really only Nintendo that offers up something interesting early on.

Testfire1263d ago

" This is why so many PC gamers flock to Nintendo as their side console of choice."

Care to back that up with facts?

SlapHappyJesus1263d ago

I can back it up with personal experience, being that I have five friends who, while primarily PC gamers, own a Wii U and only a Wii U.

Any chance there's any significant evidence linking otherwise PC gamers to either of the other consoles then?
This is a hard statistic to actually link, which I'm assuming is why you called me out on it in the first place.

SlapHappyJesus1263d ago

Yeah yeah.

People disagree with me but, for some reason, can't provide the information to debunk my statement. Supposed to defend my point, when others can't provide the basis for a counter-argument.

That's what some may call hypocrisy.

Testfire1260d ago

I have 5 friends who game on PC and don't own any Nintendo products...see how that works :/

Also, I'd think WiiU sales would be a bit higher if so many PC gamers chose the WiiU as the companion console.

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Enemy1263d ago

Should be interesting to see where they take Hellblade. They said so themselves, they're only working on a PS4 version and have given no thought to other platforms.

Talgrath1263d ago

From a developer or publisher's standpoint, exclusivity is usually a good thing. The developer usually gets more than adequate funding which should/may offset lost revenue from exclusivity and they get access to lots of help directly from the people that manufacture the console in all realms of development and marketing.

For the consumers however, exclusivity is a bad thing, if you want to play that exclusive game you need to own that console, a fairly sizable cost especially if there is only one game you want. Nonetheless, exclusive games sell consoles so console manufacturers are willing to pay big money to get them; as long as exclusive games continue to be good for console manufacturers and game developers, we'll continue to see exclusive games.

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