Sony, It's Time for a PlayStation All-Stars Sequel

Sony's in a much better place with the PlayStation brand than they were two years ago. A crossover fighter makes more sense now than it ever has.

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Knightshade1320d ago

Give me an 8-bit hideous Battle Arena Toshinden character please. :D That was my first brush with Sony.

XisThatKid1320d ago

PLEASE! BLAM The haters let/MAKE this happen ASAP!
PSAS was one of my top 3 fav games of last gen.
This game has the most active community on the Official PS Forums, such potentil will be lost you Sony does not do this.
I have no qualms with The Coles and Dante I main them from day one and many would be upset if they didn't include the option for them.
Just take some time and care into it and just do some work on securing the rights on popular characters (I understand the Crash and Spyro thing not Sony's fault). I know why alot of other popular characters didn't make it because of the abandonment of the title before the release of characters like Dart, Lightning, Cloud, Abe, Classic Dante costume, Sephiroth, and some others. So sad they never got to it, so so sad...

darthv721320d ago

They should look at doing more with their roster of characters than a fighting game. Maybe make some sort of sports game or even a kart racer.

Yeah i know it would be blatantly ripping off the likes of nintendo but hey...those games sell for nintendo so there is a good chance they would sell for sony.

A kart racer with tracks taken from various PS games like jumping flash, wipeout, vib ribbon to name a few. Karts that are tailored to each racer. Like kratos could be riding in a chariot pulled by the steeds of time and ratchet and clank on a hover board or something.

Just because it would be condoned as a mario kart clone does not mean it wouldnt appeal to playstation gamers of varying skill.

BabyObama1320d ago

Hope they bring back raiden
That's my boy
But love psabr
Still play it on vita a lot
Lvl 999 raiden

bmf73641320d ago

I think it should have that sort-of thing that SSB Brawl had with the subspace emissary. Heroes fighting yet uniting to fight a unity of their villains only to find an entity that unites them all.

-Foxtrot1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Well they just need to take their time and do it right this time

1) Characters we actually want...not ones picked to advertise their next game. If you can't the big ones like Crash. Spyro, Snake and Cloud/Squall/Zidine then don't do it. New Dante, Rising Raiden, Radec, Fat Princess, Big Daddy, TWO Coles, one asked for them.

2) Scrap the "Only Supers Kill" system, it gets boring fast seeing the same Super animation over and over. They obviously did it to try and differ between Smash Bros...just have a health bar system and let us use Supers by smashing a floating PS logo

3) More modes

4) Better crafted menus, not something which looks cheap.

gangsta_red1320d ago

"..not ones picked to advertise their next game."

Sadly, I think this is up to the third party dev who is lending Sony their characters. More than likely those guys will want to promote their new game and not the old one.

If Capcom has to give us the new Dante maybe later UNLOCK the option for the Old Dante palette swap. This seems reasonable.

I would also like to see more older PS franchises and not so much recent 3rd party characters, like Jumping Flash, Legend of Dragoon, Loaded, Toshinden, Bloody Roar.

Gamble201320d ago

The characters were not chosen to advertise a game. They were only allowed to license a few of the characters. Most of the major characters are third party that were not lent to them for use.

-Foxtrot1320d ago

New Dante - dmc reboot

Big Daddy - Bioshock Infinite was coming out. Related to Infinite or not it's still Bioshock

Rising Raiden - Same look as the one from MGR, not MGS4 version of Raiden or Raiden from MGS2, Rising Raiden was his main costume.

They were picked to promote the new games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1320d ago

Got new Dante instead of the old one.
Got Raiden (not that I didn't enjoy him being in the game) instead of Snake.

Those two where definitely for advertising purposes. Not that it was Sony's/SuperBot's fault, but it doesn't change the fact that those two characters were used to advertise their respective upcoming games.

Gamble201320d ago

You are missing the point. Sony would have preferred to use the original version of those third party characters. But the third parties only offered versions which would raise awareness for their new games. It that sense, yes they were advertisements.

But Sony did not select them for that reason. That was just all they could get. The earlier post implies that Sony turned down Spyro and Crash for new Dante and big daddy (or the others). That's not true. They took what they could reasonably afford, and even then the game bombed which makes it tougher to aquire big names.

Outside_ofthe_Box1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I agree with everything you said. And it's because of that, PSAS will never live up to it's FULL potential.

Unless PSAS brings something new and innovative that revolutionizes the fighting/brawler genre, it'll always be seen as a game that is similar to _insert_game_here_ and lacking _characters_x,_y,_and_z_.

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metalmatters1320d ago

yeah definitely add a health bar system, no more only supes can kill, that was really my only problem with the game, Be able to kill in varied ways not just supes

Blastoise1320d ago

Big Daddy was one of the coolest additions in All-stars. Never understand why people complained about that.

King-u-mad1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

How about

1: Keep original cast and add upon it with more characters we want.

2: Re work the super system... Not scrap it.
a) Super breakouts
b) Super Reversals
c) Super Clashes
d) There is a lot they can do with the super system.

adding health bars would be another way for people to cheese and lame out opponents.

3: More character customization other than full body costumes and a few color choices.

4: More game modes
a) 1 v 1
b) 2 v 2
c) 2 v 2 Tag Multi (Where 4 players play in a 2 v 2 scenario with 1 v 1 being the focus but the ability to tag in your partner.)
d) 2 v 2 Tag solo (Where 1 player chooses 2 characters and can swap between them.)
e) Make free for all a fun game mode and not the FOCUS of the game. Do not make a ranked version unless combat is efficient to support a player skill based free for all.


There is much more that can be said, this is just a few things that would be cool.

-Foxtrot1320d ago

Why would you want to tweat the god awful super system, it's flawed and it's not fun.

King-u-mad1320d ago

That is very opinionated.

Xsilver1320d ago

"Why would you want to tweat the god awful super system, it's flawed and it's not fun."

gtfo god AWFUL SYSTEM MY a.. that system was good tbh it because as you got better with a character you would learn creative ways to use your specials to get kills and that took skills especially learning to escape certain specials that's what me and my friends love about it. i would like for them to add other modes and not scarp the old one.

-Foxtrot1320d ago

Yes because seeing the same Supers over and over just to kill someone, the main point of these games, got boring and tedious.

We just need a health system, what they offered in PSAS was basically something you would have in a custom made match

Plus some characters Supers were better then others.

King-u-mad1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

It does not need a health system... If they tune the super system into making better ways of fighting like i already gave examples for, a health system would be pointless and lame...

You see the same supers in every fighting game (over and over) just to kill someone... just to let you know.

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Master-H1320d ago

Eh..the more characters the merrier, especially the popular fan requested ones like Crash, but even if no one asked for the other ones you listed, most of them are fun as hell to play with. Raiden is boss.

They need a proper online system or dedicated servers, I can hardly get in games on PS3 and they're preset to 3 minutes games only ?? that's lame.

I still loved the first one simply because it was a blast to play with friends locally. 4 player couch play for days.

Outside_ofthe_Box1320d ago

***"Characters we actually want...not ones picked to advertise their next game. If you can't the big ones like Crash. Spyro, Snake and Cloud/Squall/Zidine then don't do it."***

THIS!!! TIMES 100!!!

If they can't get the most iconic characters then don't do it all. That's what makes this type of game appealing the most. Imagine if PSAS had Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Sora, Snake, Lara Croft, etc. the game's appeal would have been infinitely times better than it was just by the inclusion of those characters even if you didn't like the "Super-Kills Only" system or the lack of other game modes. When it comes to a cross over games the characters matter the most. Don't make it if you can't get the characters. I won't be buying any sequel unless Crash, Spyro, and Cloud are in it at the bare minimum.

Gamble201320d ago

Unlike the advantages that Nintendo enjoys by owning the vast majority of their big characters, Sony has to pay for the rights to all of those your just discussed. The cost to license all of those characters would have been astronomical and the game had to prove it was worth the investment. Unfortunately it wasn't because it bombed big time. Is that due to the character selection? Maybe. But regardless Sony could never have afforded the high cost of licensing all those third party characters.

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miyamoto1320d ago

I hope Sony does the sequel like J Stars Victory Versus

King-u-mad1320d ago

No thank you. It would make more sense for them to expand upon the system that was already created... since it was already good. Just needs some more tuning.

miyamoto1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

As much as I am a devoted PlayStation fan and as much as I love the idea of this character mash ups like

King of Fighter's,
Fighter's MegaMix,
Marvel vs Capcom,
Dissidia Final Fantasy
Power Stone 2

I am also a very hardline Sony critic and I call them out whenever they make bad decisions like how PSASBR final product came out.

The game is okay and we are still Playing it but it could have been done a million times better.

Sony should have taken a more original and creative route with PSASBR and not a Super Smash Brother clone and save itself from the bashing.

Full 3D

PSASBR should have came out as an original, ground breaking, innovative, festive, fun, celebration of PlayStation characters like J Stars is and not a sad, so-so, gloomy, uninspired, un-exciting, half baked, blasphemous microscopic, uninspired rendering of great characters from PlayStation history and culture.

What a disservice!

I am all for this kind of mashup as long as it is done right!

King-u-mad1320d ago

Well that's fine and dandy dude expressing your own opinion.

But in reality PSASBR is a great game and can become even greater when or if they expand upon it.

Here are a few questions.

How relevant is J Stars compared to PSASBR?

What was "original, ground breaking, innovative" about J Stars that PSASBR should have followed?

What wasn't "festive, fun, celebration" oriented about psasbr?

"Sony should have taken a more original and creative route with PSASBR"

Should they have? Why? Where exactly did they go wrong?

I mean could they have, yes. But should they have? No. It all worked out regardless. Things could have possibly been better yes, but were they guaranteed if they made other moves? no... therefor how on earth can you act like they actually made a bad move? The game is relevant, appreciated and the community wants more. It is cemented in the gaming community and it is known to be good. It is also known that it can be better when or if they expand upon it in a sequel.

That is what matters.


MasterCornholio1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

What I would really love is a fighting game with PlayStation characters but with similar gameplay like the Marvel vs Capcom fighting franchise.

Edit: Since they are good buddy's with Capcom why not a Capcom VS PlayStation game?

WeAreLegion1320d ago

I loved the first game.

Unpopular opinion time. I don't like the kill system in this OR Super Smash Bros. I want it to be more like Power Stone.

Give us more moves, too. I want like Tekken level depth to the combo system. This is something most brawlers don't have.