New Destiny Raid Crota’s End Has Already Been Cleared

Bungie has confirmed that the new raid added today, Crota's End, has been cleared. The feat took six hours and seven players to complete.

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TimeSkipLuffy1075d ago

I wonder how often they have died to achieve it :D
They couldn't have done that if it were for real. Thanks to revive mode. The new "easy" mode in this era :D

EdMcGlone1075d ago

I'm still trying to clear VoG on hard mode lol. Can't imagine trying to do this with ZERO info out there on it. Good on that clan that got it done.

Eldyraen1075d ago

Simple deduction from the screenshot is roughly 90-150 deaths per person (besides the one that likely had to quit or got dropped due to low stats and was the 7th man essentially). Most died closer to 100 though except for the unlucky warlock.

Orejillz1075d ago

This is insane. Tried the raid, it is definitely no cakewalk

CorndogBurglar1075d ago

I'll let you all know how I did it later. I'm busy right now.

danthegamerfiend1075d ago

What's insane about it is, they did it with level 29s.

CorndogBurglar1075d ago

I don't know. It says there were 7 of them. How many people can join this raid? VoG only let you have 6.

EdMcGlone1075d ago

Six but someone probably left and another person filled in.

Eldyraen1075d ago

If you go to the source one player barely did anything so had to quit or was dropped. Credited for taking part though so made 7 total.

mediate-this1075d ago

Honestly thats not that crazy beating it with 29's, all you need are strong weapons max'd out.

andrewf911075d ago

INV, I already said congrats to them considering I have them on my friends list. But in 6 hours? That's amazing!

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