Dragon Quest creator on return to PlayStation, more

Gematsu: Famitsu this week features an interview with Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii, discussing his return to PlayStation, why PlayStation was the platform of choice for Dragon Quest Heroes, and which console he feels is the most groundbreaking ever.

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Relientk771350d ago

After Dragon Quest Heroes, bring another JRPG Dragon Quest to PS4

Godmars2901350d ago

Speaking of which, when is that game coming out? March?

3-4-51350d ago

I hope we get a Dragon Quest 11 announcement sometime soon.

Swiftfox1350d ago

I would hardly use the words "returning to Playstation" to describe the arrival of a musou-style Dragon Quest.

Not that this musou game won't be fun or enjoyed by others, it's just certainly not the game with "Dragon Quest" in the title I'm waiting for.

Kurisu1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I'm ashamed to say that I've never played Dragon Quest. Only a demo of VIII, which I really enjoyed but I just never got around to buying it. Then it moved to Nintendo systems which I didn't get so I never bothered with it.

Could we possibly a Remaster of DQVIII before another new numbered title? I know they've just released it on iOS I believe, testing the waters for demand? Plus it wouldn't be the first PS2 title to get the HD treatment, and Type-0 HD is a port of a PSP game so who knows what's up their sleeves.

Amuro1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

You're not missing much to be honest. I have played all the games from the very first one on Nes to VIII on PS2 and the only one I truly enjoyed was Dragon Quest VIII. Ironically this one was made by Level-5 and had the least amount of input from the main DQ team and its creator.

If you're not into archaic JRPG's where most of the gameplay consists of grind, grind, grind and a couple of mini-games then the series is not for you. It has nice music and the art-style of DBZ by Akira Toriyama but when it comes to story, gameplay, characters... DQVIII it's the only one that delivers on all fronts.

Swiftfox1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I'll be honest as well, the only Dragon Quest I have played was Dragon Quest 8. The demo of the game actually saw me put down the copy of Final Fantasy 12 I was playing and buy it to play instead. I thought it was absolutely charming from its music, to its world, to it's characters.

I do recommend picking it up as the game holds up well today with it's artistic direction and classic jrpg game play. I would love to see a remaster come out just so those who missed it can play it and join the queue of waiting for another experience like it.

Gore-Content1350d ago

"Return to Playstation"... Are you kidding? It's a frickin musou game.

tanukisuit1350d ago

It is the Japanese translation for Dynasty Warriors... or something like that.

S2Killinit1350d ago

Dragon Quest is like a breathe of fresh air in gaming.

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