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TheJacksonRGN1139d ago

Becoming more and more interested in this game.

Meltic1139d ago

Mee2. The night gameplay is only 7 minutes. That interest me most. I Think the night gameplay is very tense. You will be killed almost instantly with the night hunters

Crazyglues1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

To be honest that trailer did nothing for me, but after watching the IGN video - - I am back excited...

Hope it turns out to be really good

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Hitman07691139d ago

This is one of those sleeper hits huh? Didn't seem like much in the marketing, but the dev interviews were very intriguing. Now it is coming out to look pretty nice.

DuoBrian1139d ago

The only thing that really concerns me is the PC requirement. 16gb of ram? Like wow.

WeAreLegion1139d ago

They had it at 8 GB minimum and 16 GB recommended. Now, it's 4 GB minimum and 8 GB recommended.

DuoBrian1139d ago

Thanks, didn't hear of that update.

Meltic1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Talked to both Tymon the producer and Maciej the lead game designer of the game. The game is massive. A open World game. With tons of stuff to do. They use their own new cry Engine 6 i Think it is and it needs amount of ram to run good. When i asked he told me that 16 gb is good for it too run it without issues. 8 GB is it now i dont know why. I hope its polished good. But look here is all answers about the game.

Ethereal1139d ago

It looked fantastic at PSX this past weekend. Color me very interested.