The Morning Gamer – 12/09/2014

On this installment of The Morning Gamer, Torrence Davis talks about The Game Awards, The PlayStation Experience event, and Street Fighter V's PS4 exclusivity.

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HisRoyalFlyness1075d ago

He's back with a gatling gun full of truth

mikeslemonade1074d ago

Anyone can summarize his thoughts? I tend to this disagree with Tor on almost everything.

PS3PWNSALL1075d ago

Torrence is always dropping truth bombs on fools. Love this guy!

rbailey1075d ago

Very glad to see someone keep it real about whats really going on in this industry. Love these and definitely looking forward to more in the future lol

Fro_xoxo1074d ago

Torrence? you're still alive?

haven't heard from you in forever. . .