Game Boy Emulation Patent – What Does this Mean for Nintendo?

Is Nintendo going to port its Game Boy games to mobile devices? Will this spell the end of the Mario factory? Should you care? Join Gamemoir's Nick D. as he tries to answer these questions and more.

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Magnus1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I don't see why they shouldn't do it Sega does it with Sonic, SquareEnix does it with some of the Final Fantasy games. Porting stuff over to the cellphone area. Only thing I can see happening is it might hurt the sales of Nintendos handhaelds.

Ripsta7th1347d ago

Are gameboys still on the market?!

Sy_Wolf1347d ago

Nintendo discontinued the "GameBoy" a long time ago in favor of the "DS" line. It's still a GameBoy but has a different name because reasons.

TXIDarkAvenger1347d ago

A lot of people think its so Nintendo can sue people who put out emulators on phones, not that they would actually release one themselves.

MicDude1347d ago

Considering how Nintendo feels about piracy, its not that far fetched.I wouldn't even consider emulation of any Nintendo console that has an emulator piracy because Nintendo isn't making any revenue from those consoles anyway, The hope that Nintendo actually does do something with these patents instead of using them as an excuse to go after emulators.

GokuSolosAll1347d ago

Smart thing to do would be test new IP, franchise spin-offs, and ideas that work only for mobile devices. That way Nintendo can have a presence in the mobile market, and simultaneously advertise themselves to casual mobile gamers; having mild Wii U connectivity as well as companion apps would target core gamers also.

As for emulation specifically, they could also rehash their old games that people otherwise pirate on mobile.

Really, it's not smart business to ignore mobile. If they play their hand right they can dominate console, handheld, and mobile.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1347d ago


Nintendo created a lot of patent and many never comes to life

1347d ago