EA Wants Your Input on Which Maps to Bring to Battlefield 4

According to the Battlefield Battlelog, EA and DICE are not quite ready to shelve Battlefield 4 just yet. In the post, they assure us that new content is on the way and have posted a link to a survey where they've listed a ton of maps from every Battlefield and asks which ones we'd like to see recreated and brought into Battlefield 4. It looks like the release of Battlefield Hardline next year isn't going to spell the end of support for Battlefield 4.

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Rimeskeem1316d ago

Seige of Shanghai, Operation Locker, Paracel Storm and Golmud.

idk, just maps i liked

sGIBMBR1316d ago

They mean what maps would you like from previous BF games to be added to BF4.

Majin-vegeta1316d ago

Noshar Canals 400% tix TDM matches.SHOTGUN FEST!!

brich2331316d ago

Oh yeah, i remember this was the most played map in TDM in BF3. And ofcourse I was in here plenty.

Dirtnapstor1316d ago

Plenty of great maps from Bad Company 2!


Any map from bad company 2 plus the destruction as well!

USMC_POLICE1316d ago

I'm the only one who wants backstab deadlypass bridge too far.

Kyosuke_Sanada1316d ago

No, Ive been screaming for those maps since Battlefield Bad Company....

USMC_POLICE1315d ago

Thank you! I feel they will never be remade.

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