Sony's Adam Boyes talks about the benefits of PS4 and PC cross play in Street Fighter V

Sony's Adam Boyes talks a little bit about the benefits of cross play between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Street Fighter V.

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98xpresent1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Well ...... There's gonna be a lot more A$$ to kick lol.

Yi-Long1258d ago

I'm afraid it will result in PC-versions being modded and somehow ruining the MP.

I remember on the original Xbox playing Team Fortress 2, which was a lot of fun, until gamers who had their Xbox modded and that resulted in all kinds of stupid crap going on in the MP, which completely ruined it.

So hopefully they'll be able to prevent that.

q8kik1258d ago

Yes, that's the only thing i'm concerned about right now.

Many good MP games are now absolutely unplayable because of modders and cheaters .

SPAM-FRITTER-1231258d ago

Never pumped into anyone modding on SFxT on PC, The small amount of people who play SF on PC kind of buy it to play properly.

MaxwellBuddha1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Online multiplayer can suck my scrotum.

It's LAN/Local or nothing for true competitive gamers.

izumo_lee1259d ago

This may be the biggest reason why Capcom went to Sony rather than Microsoft is the 'cross play' ability. We have seen & heard how Microsoft is very protective of Live & doesn't allow other companies to 'play' around with it. Cause of this thinking on their part Microsoft has lost out on many games like FF14 & now SF5.

gangsta_red1258d ago

MS has allowed games to cross play before and I'm sure with their said focus on PC they would have allowed a huge game like SFV to allow Xbox Live players to play with PC players.

It was because of Sony's check book that MS lost out on SF5.

Darkfist1258d ago

you mean like titanfall...oh wait

Allsystemgamer1258d ago

They had one. Shadow run but they had to gimp the mouse and keyboard so controller players could keep up. This resulted in poor pc sales.

TheJacksonRGN1258d ago

Ono said that Capcom went to Sony on this. Sony's checkbook is a ridiculous statement, as MS would be able to shell out more than them.

The last game I can think of that was cross plat between PC and Xbox 360 was Shadowrun and that didn't turn out that great.

Mega241258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

You know why FFXIV is on Playstation/PC and not Xbox? Because MS didn't want crossplay and players would have to pay for Live on top of the FF subscription.

gangsta_red1258d ago


Because Skulls of the Shogun, Shadowrun, Tropico 5, Project Spark, Universe at War, Final Fantasy XI all have cross play between Xbox's console and PC (Mac).

Sony went to Capcom, stop making it seem like Sony is the good guy and didn't money hat this game. You guys come up with any excuse to not put your favorite company in a bad light while side talking MS.

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Outthink_The_Room1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Crossplay on a game that will sell very little on the PC?

Apparently the PC community is the Fighting Game preferred platform and nobody knew it. *Sigh*

Why didn't Sony ever do cross-platform on Tekken? Or Soul Caliber? Or Virtua Fighter?

It's also fascinating how Guilty Gear 3rd, is console exclusive for Playstation, yet doesn't have cross platform. Why is that?

TheJacksonRGN1258d ago

This is Capcom who wants the corss platform play, Sony is okay with it. If those other companies wanted that feature for their fighting game and went to Sony about it then most likely that is how it would go down.

Inception1258d ago

"It's also fascinating how Guilty Gear 3rd, is console exclusive for Playstation, yet doesn't have cross platform. Why is that?"

GG Xrd for PS3 and PS4 have different fps. PS3 ver at 30 fps and PS4 ver at 60 fps. It will not fair for PS3 players if they make it cross play with PS4. That's why there's no cross play for GG Xrd.

FYI, half or even one different frame in fighting games will have a lot of advantage, especially with a very skill players.

As for why Tekken, Soul Calibur, or VF didn't have cross play than you should ask that to Namco and Sega. Maybe they didn't like the idea of cross play for fighting games and decided not to propose it to Sony.

Outthink_The_Room1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )


Really? Capcom wanted cross play you say? So, what you're saying is that Ultra Street Fighter IV, which is also coming exclusively to PS4, will be cross play enabled for PC and PS3 versions? know, to create "one big awesome experience".......right? *sigh*

I absolutely adore the lengths people will go to justify something.

Call it what it is. SFV is a money-hat. Nothing about cross play or creating a big userbase or trying to do any of that is the reason.

Sony money-hatted an exclusive, just like MS moneyhats exclusives. But the problem is, MS is condemned for it, every time. So it's total hypocrisy on the part of Sony fans unless they come up with an excuse to justify it.

It really is amazing how people are trying to spin an obvious money-hat, but are quick to call out every other money-hat as bad for gaming.

PizzaSteve1258d ago

Cross play is likely the reason but they could still have put it on XB1 and let MS put up their own servers. To bad for XB1 gamers but it's not my problem. Want to play SF5 buy a PS4 lol.

pompous1258d ago

This is the exact reason why War Thunder isn't on Xbox. The devs said they wanted cross platform play to increase the user base for the game and MS said no.

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slutface1258d ago

this is one of the biggest megatons in recent years. it's downright shocking and the ripple effects of it in the industry and fans will be stuff of megaton legends for years to come!

PS4isKing_821258d ago

You think so? Street fighter ain't as big as it used to be.
Now if the next gta or red dead redemption becomes exclusive to Xbox or ps4, that would definitely qualify as a huge megaton. I just don't see street fighter as that big a deal.

I'd much rather Sony locked up a next gen monster hunter or devil may cry if they wanted something from capcom that bad.

pompous1258d ago

That maybe so but it's still far bigger than killer instinct could ever be. Killer instinct in its prime was never as big ad SF in its worst.

lonelyplayer1258d ago

I'm a Sony fan but I hate this trend... If a game/ip is already multiplatform they should not make it exclusive.

Yi-Long1258d ago

Same here. I own a PS4 so in this case I'm not personally affected, but I think it's just tragic that millions of fans of the series will now be missing out on a great game, simply because (in this case) Sony pulled a cheque to buy exclusivity.

I don't really like exclusives, especially not for existing multi-platform series. So when Tomb Raider 2 was announced as an Xbox exclusive, I said the same thing.

Also, I truly would have preferred to see Sony and Microsoft spend that cash on making new IP's and games happen, or investing in a game like Shenmue 3 or a new Power Stone or something.

Inception1258d ago

"I truly would have preferred to see Sony and Microsoft spend that cash on making new IP's"

Would you prefer Street Fighter died because right now Capcom didn't have the money to make SF V. I'm sure millions of SF fans around the world, including me, didn't want that to happen.

For new IP, i don't know about MS but Sony themself already spent a lot of money to produced new IP such as Bloodborne, Knack, Resogun, Driveclub, Alienation, The Tomorrow Children, Rime, Until Dawn, Drawn to Death, Kill Strain, Guerilla new IP, Quantic Dreams new IP, and more to come just for PS4 alone. New IP means bigger risk compare to an established franchise who already had a big fanbase.

But, the thing is you can say right now you want a new IP from Sony. But i doubt you will buy the games if it not suit your style. I've seen that happened when people who's screaming for new IP didn't buy Tearaway or Puppeteer.

"or investing in a game like Shenmue 3 or a new Power Stone or something"

If Sony or MS investing Shenmue 3 or Power Stone than the result will be the same like SF V: it will be exclusive for PS4 or X1.

Mega241258d ago

Money hatting, we can bitch all we want, companies will still do it. This year saw too many third party exclusives, guess next year is going to be the same.

jhoward5851258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Smart move by capcom. This decsion move was purely to take competion up a notch btween console players n PC players.
PC gamers will now have the prevelage of beating up console gamers. Plus this move was to make this so actractive that PC players wouldn't want to play the prirated version of SF5.

Edit: Keep in mind there's lots of underground servers that has been set up by some players/hackers who can't play on official game server to avoid dealing with privacy detecttions.

Bodge1258d ago

Eh, these are the kind of games that don't really matter in the competitive / cross-play sense. A vast majority of people on PC if not nearly 100% will use a controller since that's the best way to play a fighting game. If it was a FPS then that would be a different story.

jhoward5851258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Yah,SF was one of the most prirated PC game.

Edit: You can use a xbox 360 controller on a PC. its just as simple as downloading the driver. Plus, there's plenty of controller for PC that works well for SF.

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