PS4 owners can now enter gameplay challenges for prizes

PS4 owners in the UK can enter a new promotion to win prizes for completing in-game challenges.

By completing challenges and uploading gameplay via the Share button, PS4 owners with PlayStation Plus can win headsets, controllers, PlayStation TV, a HDTV and Soundbar.

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THC CELL1347d ago

That's pretty cool I wonder if it will become a official tab instead of typing all title etc also anyone note that the ps4 has suspend and resume feature if u Playing a game and press middle button and goto now tv start now tv it suspends game and goes back to it when u done sweet.

Me-Time1347d ago

Heh? Elaborate on the suspend resume feature. I think that's been there for a while. We're waiting on the Rest Mode and Resume game feature.

pivotplease1347d ago

Exactly lol. I'm still not sure how much I'll use it since I always save/quit my games and never leave them hanging. Even when I have things to do...I always have to finish a quest or hit a checkpoint of some sort. Features are features though so maybe it'll come in handy one of these days. On the other hand, more media capabilities would definitely be a plus.

UKmilitia1347d ago

u can suspend ad resume if you go into netflix,nowtv,skytv etc its been that way for a long long time.
its funny because i was wondering u u could suspend a game by going into netflix and then put console to sleep?

Me-Time1347d ago

Yup, cool. Great idea and I was wondering if this would ever happen.

GokuSolosAll1347d ago

Screw UK, what about Murca.

Horseheadinthebed1347d ago

This is a great idea... Might give it a go myself later,,