Sunset Overdrive DLC Announced for December 23 Release

Hardcore Gamer - Insomniac Games updated their Sunset TV site today with Major Nelson revealing some big news – new story DLC!

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Dewitt1263d ago

This looks awesome, I never buy DLC, but I will be purchasing this as the value is more than worth the money for this fantastic game.

KiwiViper851262d ago

I agree that this is a fantastic game, but you don't know the price yet.

Sounds like one mission with a new gun and 2 water moves.

4Sh0w1262d ago

Yeah I'm gonna have to get's my favorite game right now.

KiwiViper851262d ago

It was mine too till I finished and sold it. Dlc not my bag.

Only DLC ive ever felt was worth the price was the 4hour piggy story from enslaved. I liked how the stealth and snipe approach brought a whole new type of gameplay experience

martinezjesus19931262d ago

Have they announced the price yet? I am very interested

captainexplosion1262d ago

My understanding when I bought the $20 season pass was you get two story DLCs that cost $10 each plus the $5 weapon pack DLC. So you save $5 w the season pass. So this DLC should be $10.The weapon pack DLC was terrible but this will defintely be worth it. And on top of what they already announced would come with the DLC we now get the awesome new water traversal.

Kingdomcome2471262d ago

@captainexplosion- Yeah, those new water traversal moves look to make an already awesome traversal system even better. I can't wait for this. I'm not saying that it's the best game of the year, but it's the most fun I've had in a game this year for sure.

xer01262d ago

Sunset overdrive looks like a lot of fun.
Shame about the sales being low though:

christocolus1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

numbers should be a lot better than that now,and the xbox one SO bundle helped sell some copies.i will surely be getting this dlc. it looks really fun.

FanboyKilla1262d ago

@xer0 lol pathetic. do you want a horrible game such as dc that a million people buy, or would you like a awesome game for you to enjoy? sod fo me.

Kribwalker1262d ago

Bundles plus digital copies don't count, plus you are quoting a forum using vgchartz for their numbers, that seem to only be considered valid when they benefit playstation according to the way a tonne of people react on this site

xer01261d ago

I'm not sure what I said wrong to ruffle some feathers.
The game looks like a lot of fun like I said.

But what's wrong with saying that it didn't sell well?

Only fanboys would react this way. Instead of countering the statistics with some more reliable figures.

Come on guys, don't be super sensitive.

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jetlian1262d ago

Well season pass is 20 bucks. They released 4 weapons already. Plus theres gonna be another land mass released

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WeAreLegion1262d ago

Awesome! I'd love to see water enemies, as well.

Christopher1262d ago

Love what they're doing with Sunset Overdrive.

Do not care for MajorNelson, still.

Kingdomcome2471262d ago

Yeah, I've grown to tolerate the guy, but he is a tad bit abrasive lol.

Crazay1262d ago

Nice. My Xbox Rep sent this over to me last week. Looking forward to it.

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