Twitch on Xbox One is Getting a Hefty Update

The Twitch on Xbox One app just got a huge update, thanks to some great new technology. The update brings a slew of advanced broadcast filtering features that should help you find exactly what you want to watch at a moment’s notice. The app now uses Xbox Live’s new ability to associate real-time gameplay stats with broadcasts, which enables a massive array of search options. Depending on the game, the filters may include player stats, game modes, maps, player skill level, in-game activity, progress, and more.

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Dewitt1319d ago

Finally can watch archives on XB1!

Sonital1319d ago

It's all great news but I'm still dying to get partychat broadcast!

mikeslemonade1319d ago

they need to take out the "x is broadcasting to viewers" banner

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xer01319d ago

lol. Some people are easily pleased.

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The story is too old to be commented.