Bloodborne will have customization similar to Dark Souls 2 and other RPGs

GameZone: "Bloodborne is described by FromSoftware as an action-RPG, but so far all the developer has shown off has been the action aspect of the game. Addressing fans' concerns at PlayStation Experience, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki assured Bloodborne will have customization comparable to Dark Souls 2 and other role-playing games."

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nX1349d ago

Well we pretty much knew that, the latest footage even showcased a lightning-imbued weapon. Procedurally generated dungeons with this kind of gameplay will completely swallow my social life for a few weeks.

joab7771348d ago

I kinda figured bit we always worry when we see the same builds over and over.

If it weren't such an integral part to depth and enjoyment of the souls games, most wouldn't worry as much as they do.