Review: Game of Thrones Ep.1 - Iron From Ice (New Gamer Nation)

New Gamer Nation writes: "The world author George R. R. Martin has created with his A Song of Ice and Fire series, or more popularly known as Game of Thrones, is a dark and grim one. Characters – no matter their role in the series – are never safe from meeting their end, and Martin has broken the hearts of his fans by showing just how swiftly he can kill someone off. This makes an interactive experience within his world all the more painful. The relationships of the characters within a Telltale game are built by you, the player, and death comes swiftly and without warning to inhabitants of Westeros. This is one of the main draws to Telltale’s Game of Thrones, and by the end of their first episode, “Iron from Ice,” you’ll be left begging for more to know what’s going to happen to the cast in the next episode."

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