Pocketgamer: Hands on with Samba De Amigo on mobile

Come late summer, the only thing you'll need to take a trip south of the border is your phone. Sega's re-entry into the mobile business has brought a surge of old classic back into popularity, the festive Samba De Amigo sitting among the bunch. We recently tangoed with the US-only release.

Bringing Samba De Amigo to mobile involves compromise, namely retooling the game around a number pad instead of maracas. You're more than welcome to give your phone a jingle, but it won't do much other than satisfy your lust for shaking. Instead, keeping the rhythm of the music requires tapping keys as notes stream from the center of the screen. High, center, and low positions are respectively tied to the '1' and '3,' '4' and '6,' and '7' and '9' keys on your phone. As note icons emanate from the center of the screen, you tap keys as the notes pass through each marker.

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