PS4 controller battery life: How to make your DualShock 4 last longer

If there’s one area where the PS4 is weak, it’s the DualShock 4 controller. Oh, it’s a great pad to use – better than the previous version. It rests nicely in your hands and the buttons, triggers and analogue sticks feel right.

No, the problem is the PS4 controller’s battery life. You’ll find yourself grasping for the Micro USB cable more often to attach it to the DualShock 4 than you will your smartphone these days, but you can do certain things to extend the battery life of your PS4 controller as far as it will go.

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ps4gamer19831258d ago

Some people may not know this, but you can charge your DS4 on any phone charger that has a micro usb tip on it (like samsung s4 phones). I do this instead of charging on ps4 so that it can still be near me.

Army_of_Darkness1257d ago

yeah I do that too or charge from my laptop after a 7-8hrs of continuous game-play every now and then, which is a pretty long gaming session so I don't really see a problem with the battery life??

Alsybub1257d ago

Basically any charger for a smartphone, other than iPhone.

GameSpawn1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I use my Vita charger and cable. The Vita charger is just a brick with a recessed USB port on it, but the [slim] Vita conveniently also charges through a Micro USB cable (just that the cable that comes with the Vita is short at about 2ft). I can plug the charger in closer to me so I don't need to be close to the system.

ps4gamer19831257d ago

Wait...what? How do u use Vita charger to charge DS4? I didn't understand what you wrote (sorry).

GameSpawn1257d ago

The charging "brick" that comes with the new slim vita is just an ac to 5v dc usb. The slim vita charges through a microusb port just like the DualShock 4. 5v DC is enough for most devices that charge through usb. Bigger devices like iPads need a higher total wattage (Volts times Amps) in order to charge, but the DS4 is fine with at least 5W (5V x 1A); the vita charging cable/brick is 7.5W (5V x 1500 mA).

UKmilitia1257d ago

i used to use my phone cable but now i have the offical sony dock and never usffer a flat battery ever.
also u can buy 2000Mah battery from ebay for under £4

UKmilitia1257d ago

i used to use my phone cable but now i have the offical sony dock and never usffer a flat battery ever.
also u can buy 2000Mah battery from ebay for under £4.

I think by now though that Sony should of upgraded the battey,its been long enough.

rainslacker1257d ago

Same here. I charge my phone next to my chair, so the cord is there anyways. Never have to switch my controller during a game session.

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WeirdShroom1258d ago

New Extenze for Gamers. Make your controller last all night long.

Adolph Fitler1258d ago

I bought a 2000mh battery from Ebay, so I'm hoping that may extend the battery life somewhat..we'll see when I get it.

TWB1258d ago

Wat, the controller should be able to last 8 hours with the default battery ?
No way, mine lasts like 4-6 hours (with dimmed light) and its only 2 months old.

Kinda sad that I have to constantly charge my "new gen" controller when my 5 years old DS3 still lasts at least like 30-40 hours.

OB1Biker1258d ago

Now after 4-6 hours playing I would have a break and plug it

ps4gamer19831257d ago

My DS4 needs a charge every 2 hours. Seriously. Especially when streaming Music unlimited app.

Spotie1257d ago

That doesn't make any sense. Why would streaming an app on your PS4 kill your battery? Are you running all your audio through the controller with a headset on, AND playing a game? Even then, my controller has gone dead just once.

Then again, I never go more than like 4 hours without charging, even with my PS3. Guess I'm just cautious.

Sokol1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I'm little disappointing with the battery life but it's not that bad. I usually game for around 1-2 hours daily however there are weekends when I will be required to charge the Dualshock 4 after a few hours.

I do use my headset plug in with the controller headphones so that might be draining the controller even more.

When you have a little one sleeping, blasting the surround sound in the home is not an option. :P

On that note, that's probably one of the key features I would love to see improved in the future, just like our smartphones, longer battery life should be up there for improvement.

GameSpawn1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

The biggest problem is that they put a 800mAh-1000mAh (varies with controller revision) in the DS4. The DS3 batteries were much larger in capacity. Maybe it was cost cutting or they wanted to reduce the weight, but if you can find a larger mAh battery (you could yank the ones out of the DS3, I think they were around 1500mAh) it will buy you a few more hours of battery life.

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