Destiny's DLC Locks Weekly Strike Behind Paywall

Destiny's newest expansion The Dark Below has removed access to this week's Weekly Strike for who haven't bought it yet. Every week, Destiny has a Weekly Strike that functions similar to Raids in World of Warcraft and other MMOs. Raids are highly important to stay relevant in the best gear available, and doing them is a regular habit for most Destiny players.

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Palitera1265d ago

Yay, Bungie!
Such a top developer, huh?

Mega241264d ago

Such potential, still, Bungie has some fault in this for going towards Activision for their Idea.

leemo191264d ago

I have the dlc, but even I think this is stupid. Bungie now has killed their game. To remove a piece of content that's been free for the longest time and force people to buy a dlc (which by the way is mediocre beside the raid) is stupid.

BX811264d ago

Did they remove it or skip a week?

cell9891264d ago

just this week to try out the new dlc, the playlist will resume again next week till the 6th week hits again, rinse and repeat.

BX811264d ago

Lol, I have the dlc and I was wondering what if the people who didn't have it had a different strike.

BlingBlaine1264d ago

Destiny.....Glad I gameflied and didnt support this shallow shooter.

I had more fun in the Alpha

gangsta_red1264d ago

This is the game everyone wanted to get behind eh?

vega2751264d ago

Question: is this the dlc thats exclusive to PlayStation user a year?

lameguy1264d ago

It should've been easy enough to offer non-DLC strikes to folks that don't have it while offering the DLC strikes to the folks who do.

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The story is too old to be commented.