7 Features The Xbox One Needs To Steal From The PS4

The Pennyworth Reviews Blog serves up Part 2 of the article series about the strengths and weaknesses of the new generation of consoles and what they could improve by straight-up jacking some of the features that make their competitors great.

This week Pennyworth Reviews takes a look at the Xbox One to see where it falls short, specifically in the places where Sony has nailed it down on the PS4.

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Darranged1290d ago ShowReplies(4)
SmokingMonkey1290d ago

I think that Project Morpheus is a game changer.

If you consider that both systems do basically the same things (plus/minus some features ie, SnapTV/remote play, share play)

Than how big is VR on PS4!

calling it now; MS/Xbone will unveil a VR headset within the next year? maybe two?

Re-invented with Kinect 2?

BABY-JEDI1290d ago

This is something I mentioned quite a while back with the regards of MS dropping the importance of Kinect (which I find really disappointing). I don't know about MS making its own headset, but I can see them adopting others tech.

Illusive_Man1290d ago

Rumors are MS and Samsung are working on a VR/AR visors

xx4xx1290d ago

I believe Phil Spencer aid they would announce VR/AR plans in 2015.

Also, didn't Samsung just release their VR?

medman1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Don Mattrick says there is already a version of augmented reality for those who can't connect to the's called the xbox 360. It augments your reality by making you believe it isn't a complete and utter piece of garbage despite red ringing on you 3 or 4 times before it gives up the ghost. And yes, I have owned more than one 360, so I'm only trolling myself.

Godmars2901290d ago

Then how bad is it that MS is pulling a wait and see in regards to VR?

And if they do try to come in late, make Kinect semi or fully required when they've already withdrawn from it to a degree, they're going to be in bad position. Will need to invest a lot in their own effort, or take whatever crumbs OR is will to give, again when they're going to be in a bad bargaining position but likely needing to make Kinect inclusive in order to make "their" effort different from Sony's.

SmokingMonkey1290d ago

"Then how bad is it that MS is pulling a wait and see in regards to VR?"

Very bad IMO. Especially if VR is truly were videogames are going. (were else can videogames evolve into for that matter.) (VR>Holodeck>Matrix/jack ing in)

I thought that MS would buy the Oculus in a quick fix scenario...but Facebook "jumped in."

GamerGT1290d ago

Maybe they can bundle Kinect and VR headset together with a compatible game. For $199 to $299. That will adapt more quickly to those who already have an Xbox One. Not a huge MS fan but that option would best appeal versus cramming an Xbox one in the bundle as well.

darthv721290d ago

MS has been working on VR for several years. No reason to announce anything until there is something to announce.

It was like their Surface was shown many years ago as a full size table top thing. And it wasnt until many years later that tablets were a mainstream thing which coincidentally MS had shrunk down their surface tech like all other tablets.

they may not be first to announce but they do work on this stuff and when they are ready to show it.....they show it.

Godmars2901290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


MS have only shown Augmented Reality set ups that range ten grand and up. Any VR research they've done is likely largely speculative and involved Kinect.

Not that Sony's efforts don't require their camera and seems to be something they're not directly advertising.

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Christopher1290d ago

I think VR is as much of a game changer as motion gaming.

SmokingMonkey1290d ago

VideoGames will HAVE to evolve somewhere right?

You can't expect to be holding that gamepad forever.

For the record; I never enjoyed motion gaming for more than 10 min either.

Christopher1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

***You can't expect to be holding that gamepad forever. ***

Well, VR doesn't change that. Most VR games still utilize your standard controller for performing actions.

But, to answer the spirit of your comment: gamepads will evolve as will tvs or similar viewing devices, but I do not think how we play games will move away from a system that works and doesn't require wearing additional gear that can't be worn for too long without adverse effects or swinging/moving your body for too long.

Gaming is a thing that most gamers like to sit and enjoy for the most part. It's a simple activity with complex results.

tl;dr Why try to fix what isn't broken?

mcstorm1290d ago

cgoodno your spot on. I don't see VR becoming the norm. The main reason I think this ia because alot of people who game use this to unwind and don't what things strapped to there head to do this. Also people often multi task when gaming too again they can't do this with VR.

Don't get me wrong I like the idea of VR and think it has its place but not as a home gaming system as systems do too much now and are becoming the centre of entertainment.

For me I think the Microsoft Room projection has more of a chance of becoming the main focus for gaming than VR because it can work for other things like movies, music etc but it depends if the price can come down enough to have it as a standard.

rainslacker1290d ago

Motion gaming was a game changer though. Motion gaming created an entirely new market and saw unprecedented success financially for both Nintendo and MS. It petered out, but it expanded the market faster than any other thing ever done in the past. Mobile gaming is another game changer for much the same reasons.

It doesn't mean that gaming as we know it will change though. It never really has. The only real game changers there were the home console introduction, the introduction of the NES, and the introduction of 3D graphics processing.

VR may be niche, and may not be a game changer though. I think it will be one of those things that will require some pretty clever marketing to really get going. Given that current market trends are all towards becoming socially connected, VR will either have to buck that trend, or embrace it to make it appealing. Either that or some extremely compelling reasons to game on VR.

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xer01290d ago

I think the author forgets that MS have already stolen a couple of features like:

Social gaming (Twitch and Ustream)
Capturing playback and uploading to a network

With that said.. Sony did imitate kinect voice commands... But it's not core to the user experience.

SonofGod1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"I think the author forgets that MS have already stolen a couple of features like:

Social gaming (Twitch and Ustream)
Capturing playback and uploading to a network"

Are you serious? Xbox stole twitch from PS4? So I guess PS4 stole twitch from PC then?

I guess Sony invented game capturing too right?

"With that said.. Sony did imitate kinect voice commands... But it's not core to the user experience."

Have you been living under a rock?

xer01290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

@SonofGod Hilarious...

I think it's plainly obvious that we're talking about consoles. Not PCs.

Sony implemented these features on console first... and MS played catch up, roughly 6 months after launching Xbox One.

I'm not sure why you quoted the bit about Kinect voice commands. What was your point about that??

Whatever dude..

SonofGod1289d ago

Both PS4 and XO had game recording on day 1.

Twitch app was planned by Twitch for both consoles before the consoles even released. PS4 getting the app first is irrelevant. The reason PS4 got it first was because the software on XO was outdated compared to the PS4, and the Xbox team had other priorities to do before getting the Twitch app ready

X360 got Twitch before both XO and PS4. So by your logic, PS4 copied X360.

Your argument is stupid.

xer01289d ago

Your argument about X360 getting Twitch first is null.
You couldn't share your gameplay or communicate with others. It was a simple streaming service.

Also, why it took 6 months for Microsoft to catch up is anybody's guess.
If you look at their game plan since their launch gaff last year - you could tell that they were playing catch up with PS4.

I know your love for MS is strong, but don't letting it blind you is stupid.
This argument is turning into verbal diarrhoea.

You should work for Aaron Greenberg.
He's brilliant at spin!

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uth111290d ago

I'm surprised article didn't mention shareplay and instead mentioned a relatively minor thing like "check for updates"

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1290d ago

Install times

Load Times


WeAreLegion1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

The UI, definitely. I hate the pin system.

And the Share button needs to be an industry standard. It makes me angry that I can't press a button to take a picture on Sunset Overdrive.

Brisco1290d ago

The UI of the ps 4? Serious? That is the worst UI I've ever used.

PeaSFor1290d ago Show
WeAreLegion1290d ago

I love the PS4 UI. It's intuitive and looks great, especially with the new themes.

UKmilitia1290d ago

up for all system,friends and consoel options
bottom row for games(recent 15 first with rest in a folder at end.
its pretty cool imo and when over a game u get drop down info for that game.

only downsde is i wish i could delete stuff from library because how it is at moment its even got stuff i downloaded but deleted.

uth111290d ago

Xbox UI wins on features.
PS4 UI wins on usability.

WickedLester1289d ago

I seriously can't wrap my head around this ALL! I have both systems and the PS4 UI is way superior to the X1's tile/pin system. The PS4 UI is snappier, simpler, faster, easier to navigiate, less cluttered looking, etc.

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UKmilitia1290d ago

cant u do that on xb1??
i thought u could .

on ps4 its great feature

1 press for screnshot
tap tap for video(3-15 minutes i think)
hold button down to access all shareplay,upload,capture settings

ArrowofAres1289d ago

I get the UI . PS4s is less feature rich but definitely simpler and intuitive. BUT a share button ... seriously

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