It’s Time for The Xbox Experience

Alex Carlson writes, It’s not an unpopular opinion to say that Sony did a fantastic job with their Playstation Experience event, a collection of conferences and displays that showed everyone what was coming to PlayStation hardware over the next year and beyond. From exciting exclusives to some fantastic indie content, Playstation Experience was Sony assuring everyone that PlayStation had a lot on the way. The avalanche of content and hype gave Sony all the spotlight they needed to make PlayStation’s name in the gaming world all the stronger. With that in mind, Sony’s competitors are still trailing behind the PlayStation, and while Nintendo has their steady stream of Nintendo Directs, Microsoft has been rather quiet in comparison when it comes to flexing their muscles for Xbox. That can change: should Microsoft challenge Sony? Should there be an “Xbox Experience”?

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yarbie10001289d ago

I think the conferences that are already lined up do just fine.

christocolus1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Its funny you should say that but im guessing you were more than okay when sony announced the PSX. E3, Gamescom and TGS doesn't stop MS from doing something for xbox fans and the media alike, afterall they had their own dedicated event first which started back in was called the XO events and they always announced big games at the show.

Also Phil recently stated his desire to bring it back,so hopefully xbox fans will have something other than E3&gamescom to look forward to next year.

yarbie10001289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

What happened at PSX that was so big besides UC4 gameplay? And SF announcement that was already leaked. Were any other AAA titles revealed?

It was 2 days of debuts of games that will also be on XB1 and indies from PC. I'd rather money, time, and energy be poured into something else imo.

christocolus1289d ago


I don't know about others but imo Psx was a pretty cool event.I actually enjoyed the reveals(big and small),I like uc and i've been curious to see more of the was an event for ps fans and the fact that fans were able to get some hands on time with games coming to the system was nice, even the media got to try out games like the order and bloodborne and it helps to get fans pumped for the future and right there you also get to meet the execs and developers and discuss stuff with them. I thought it was a great show and as a big xbox fan i've always enjoyed the XO events until it was stopped some years ago. Would be really cool if MS brought it back.

yarbie10001289d ago


Trailers and gameplay footage can be posted up anytime for games like the order - and media regularly go play big titles like that and bloodborne. So we could have had all of that without the show.

I can understand where you're coming from. Again, just my opinion.

aceitman1289d ago

people are missing the point of px it is an event to celebrate 20 years and sony did it with the fans sony didn't say anything more to make it have huge announcements they said they will have some announcements and street f 5 was it. and other smaller ones . I went to the event and it was greeeeeeat.

darthv721289d ago

MS should just plan for an X15 for next year and bring back the annual event like they did before.

People seem to forget MS was doing these annually and now say MS needs to have their own "Experience" event.

SoapShoes1289d ago

It was games that will be on Xbox and PC indies? Wow way to downplay, you and I both know that isn't true. Why can't you just be happy with what you have rather than pissing on what others have?

FlameHawk1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@yarbie LOL if you think all of those indies will be on Xbox, there are so many that still haven't come to Xbox and in most of these cases Sony is the one going to these smaller publishers and asking them to bring their games to PS4.
It's funny how you ignore all the Order, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4 gameplay when Microsoft's E3 press conference had barely any new announcements except CGI trailers for games that won't be released until 2016.

Automatic791289d ago


People forget that MS also had an event for titanfall and Halo launch. MS will definitely bring back XO events. I personally don't mind the shows as long as it is filled with great content like E3.

xxShadow-Shockxx1288d ago

The announcements were cool but that wasn't sonys reason for the PSX, the reason they created that event was to celebrate playstation, to bring gamers together.

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skwidd1289d ago

Lol. Jealous much? Sony did it to celebrate 20 years.. why is Xbox doing it? Just because Sony did it well and it was a resounding success? Boohoo

Christopher1289d ago

The PS Experience was because of the anniversary, not just something they wanted to start doing all the time now. If MS wants one, do it for a better reason than Sony did it and so shall we.

NuggetsOfGod1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

More please!!!

plus XO direct..

Kingdomcome2471289d ago

It never hurts having more positive exposure. Sony set a standard with the PSX, and showed just how advantageous creating your own exclusive event can be for generating buzz outside of your typical E3/Gamescom, etc... events. Only thing is, if Microsoft does decide to do so I imagine we'll hear lots of copycat remarks.

jb2271289d ago

I see a conference like PSX as being akin to a big music festival. It's actually all about the fans getting their hands on early versions of the games they love, seeing panels devoted solely to their platform of choice. E3 & Gamescom and cons like that are mainly geared towards the marketers & retail division, in many cases fans aren't even allowed in. I think every console should have something like this, it's a way for fans of a platform to connect w/ other fans and see new & interesting things, it's really much better than things like E3 when you think about it…those cons are all about competition, these experiences are all about celebration.

ThinkThink1289d ago

I'm also good with E3 and Gamescom being the two shows a year. If you keep having events scattered throughout the year it kind of dampens the punch of big two.

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annoyedgamer1289d ago

Someone did mention that there is a conference scheduled in January. The only issue is doubts that Microsoft will showcase anything for the Xbox One.

RiseofScorpio1289d ago

So a conference without showing anything? Hmm does the audience sit and watch an empty stage for an hour?

You must be trolling.

annoyedgamer1289d ago

Its a Windows conference.

BitbyDeath1289d ago

Could be wrong but I think that is for Windows 10.

ValKilmer1289d ago

Too bad it will be in 900p.

bennissimo1289d ago

Your career is in 240p. The best thing you've done in a decade was the guest bit on Life's Too Short.

WeAreLegion1289d ago

And that was a brilliant guest bit. Every guest bit on that show is perfect.

christocolus1289d ago


that my friend is called trolling.

WeAreLegion1289d ago

Community events should be a bigger thing in the industry. Many developers have them. They don't have to do a conference, either. Just a nice get-together where people can meet their favorite developers and play games would be awesome!

gangsta_red1289d ago

I say go the Nintendo route, instead of spending money hosting events just make a Youtube direct showcasing upcoming games and features for the Xbox One and 360.

And Just like Nintendo only focus on 1st party games or games MS is directly involved with production on. Leave all the 3rd party multiplat games out.

mcstorm1289d ago

Microsoft did this on the 360 when they had inside Xbox and I think they should start to put things like that back on. I think all 3 should do a weekly or monthly show of what's coming and have computations abit like they have on upload but then again I am just a gamer not a developer etc so what do I know ha.

gangsta_red1289d ago

No, I agree with you. Maybe not weekly or monthly but a good amount of time to actually show a game in progress and not just concept art or a CGI trailer. Maybe twice a year when there are down times between E3 and Gamescon.

But yea, an Inside Xbox with Major Nelson would be exactly what I was talking about.

mcstorm1288d ago

Yeah it sure would be I liked inside xbox as it showed off indie games too and I think since this program stopped ive looked at indie games less and less.

The games industry is ever changing so you never know what may happen.

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