FIFA 15 – The Best 433 Attacking Formation Guide

A FIFA 15 formation guide by Dirty Mike covering how to play the 433(4) and the best tactics that apply to FIFA 15 ultimate team. The 433(4) is one of the best attacking formation in FIFA 15.

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Garethvk1232d ago

Graphics are better but to me there is only so much you can do with a Soccer game.

anticlimax1231d ago

*Football game

We said the same thing in '98 and then again in '02, and then again in 2010. It might take a couple iterations but a major change will come again.

Garethvk1231d ago

We can hope as it is needed. Why not Wilcat Soccer like in P.E. with three balls in play.

anticlimax1231d ago

Maybe as a gimmick, like the indoor play in '98. I don't think that's gonna make it as the core gameplay principle though. Us Europeans are a bit more conservative like that ;).

Garethvk1231d ago

I meant as a bonus mode, not the main play mode.