Destiny: The Dark Below is Ruining the Experience for Some Players

Gameranx: "The Dark Below removes key features for those who don't buy the expansion."

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JoeMcCallister1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

While I picked up the expansion pass, this is just a poor move in general, or at least one that should have been disclosed way in advance to the DLC launching. Pulling the rug out from under players on what is essentially the only post-game content if they don't buy DLC just comes off as shady, even if they had noble intentions.

LordMaim1169d ago

What makes them think its a permanent thing? The Weekly Heroic Strike has been nothing but the original strikes since launch. I *want* them to mix up the rotation to include the new content. I'm sure that the original strikes will be back as the Weekly Heroic sooner or later.

Gamehard1169d ago

The weekly strike this week IS one of the original strikes.

FullmetalRoyale1169d ago

But in the meantime? Other players just go sit in the corner, or fork over more money?

JoeMcCallister1169d ago

I agree, I'm all for mixing it up, but what about the players that didn't get the DLC? Just sit it out for a week?

Baka-akaB1169d ago

They probably just figured people with the expansion would want a fresh new strike instead of the same repetitive stuff .

it blows but there are other strikes than the weekly one ... and it's all content rotating and repeating all the time anyway .

LordMaim1169d ago

@Gamehard: No, it's not. It's one of the new strikes.

d0x3601169d ago

All these arguments when the answer is drop dead simple. If you have the dlc you see the new missions. If you don't have the dlc you see the old missions.

There is absolutely no reason why people who didn't buy the absurdly priced content that was cut out of the original game can't also play weekly missions and earn rewards. No excuse.

pelida1169d ago

There's always people like you, isn't it?

bennissimo1168d ago

This game sucks in so many ways. This is merely the latest reason.

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UKmilitia1169d ago

i wish they would do randomly generated strikes.

similar enemies all way through but randomly generated bosses etc.
even some big fights on Mars would be great,or on earth.
just more variation of the current content.

TAURUS-5551169d ago

what a sht and now you have to rank up like 1000 times to get legendary armor.

bungie blew it

BlackWolf121169d ago

Another quality article title on N4G.

Removes key features? No, no it doesn't. They can't play the weekly because it is a DLC strike.

This is a progressive game. If you don't want to invest in its future then expect to be left behind. Did this article mention how non DLC users are bring given upgraded vendor gear among other new features from the DLC? Of course it doesn't.

I mean, why would someone mention the positives.

You can argue all you want about how non dlc users should be able to do the weekly but how long is it meant to go like that? Let's say Destiny 1 lasts 2 years before a sequel, so for that whole 2 years only the original strikes will show up in the weekly? Screw that, I'd get over that very quickly.

D3TH_D33LR1168d ago

Invest in the future? This isn't a kickstarter game. Enjoy paying top dollar for your beta test. This game isn't progressive. Sad to see people easily duped by Bungie saying they listen to feedback. It's pretty simple to feature a non DLC strike for non DLC owners and vice versa but they won't bother doing that when they hope you'll just pay to play. Glad you feel that people who only spent $80 should have to miss out on earning strange coins and vanguard marks. Enjoy your that beta, apologist.

Skizelli1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )


This game technically isn't a MMO, so it's not really fair to compare it to WoW, but WoW is a progressive game as well, and its expansions only add to / improve everything you could do before. (In all fairness, I can only speak for The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, as I quit before Cataclysm, which changed the landscape of Azeroth completely.)

It's clear that Bungie doesn't have a clue what they're doing, and I'm sure it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

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TimeSkipLuffy1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Are they making fun of gamers who just bought the game? We want the same content and stuff everyone got before us!

edit: I read in the forums it will only last for a week but if they would listen to gamers they would have told us about this before? Maybe they did? Don't know. Not a nice thing to do though...

The_KELRaTH1168d ago

The weekly and nightfall strikes are reset each week but who's to say if the following week or even the week after that it's only for DLC owners.

It should be like 99.9% of games where if you don't buy the DLC it doesn't effect the main game. I believe this was done by Bungie very deliberately just like updating the Eula and forcing gamers to agree (even though they changed and removed content before the EULA agreement) which says they can change and remove any content within the game.

Snookies121169d ago

Wow... I was so excited for this game after playing the beta... Now, the more I hear about it, the less I even want to touch it.

Palitera1169d ago

I played about 300 hours of it. The business model is one of the worst ever, but the gameplay is awesome.

Well, I won't support it anymore. I was on the fence about paying 20 bucks for a raid that obviously would be in the retail game if they didn't have such a great focus on milking DLC, but I have made my decision as soon as I knew that they locked previously available core mechanics to people that didn't buy the overpriced DLC.

So... My game was already announced and I'm reselling it today.


UKmilitia1169d ago

i wont buy any DLC until matchmaking is on all things.
weekly missions,strikes,raids should all have option for matchmaking.

there is no excuse

averagejoe261169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Key features weren't cut from the game lol you're falling for a click bait article.

It's hard to believe you put in 300 hours but don't even understand how weekly nightfall strikes work.


There IS an excuse. Have you ever played an mmorpg before? They ALL do this. It makes perfect sense why there isn't match making for the raid in destiny like in similar games.

Just because a casual gamer like you doesn't understand it, doesn't mean the rest of us who have been playing like this for years should suffer.

d0x3601169d ago


Yea key stuff was cut. Activision basically made Bungie take the full game and cut it into 3 pieces. Piece 1 was retail and the remaining 2 are now the dlc. It pretty obvious this is what happened considering how the story unfolds and how few missions there are in a game that was under active Dev for 4 years and in pre production for 2 which is 6 years total.

Read the destiny contact that was posted online. It details exactly how Activision is going to milk this franchise and Bungie. I honestly can't believe Bungie split from MS for such a restriction filled contract.

Ms is laughing all the way to the bank though. They still own 20-30% of Bungie so they are making money off destiny and everyone working at Bungie is working under oppression. Truly sad.

I have no doubt that Bungie could have stayed with MS and been allowed to make destiny. Hell they could have set it in the halo universe since ita basically halo with a party system and a hub world.

Palitera1169d ago

Okay, #3.1.3. You're kidding, right?

So this is all evil work by evil Activision, who oppresses poor Bungie, against its will, forcing it to make millions out of schemes like this?


SMH... No wonder gaming industry is how it is now.

objdadon1168d ago

I put in over 300 hours too because I enjoy playing the game obviously. I got more than my money's worth already and no way in hell I resell my game that has provided me with such enjoyment.

Tru_Blu1168d ago

Content was cut. In the cosmodrone there is a wall you can glitch through and get into the area the next raid will be in. The boss is even there already.

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Godz Kastro1169d ago

Destiny is one of the best games ive ever played. Experience it for yourself.

A. Your missing out on one of the biggest new ip's.
B. You dont like it and trade it in.

You cant strike out unless you step up to bat.

mydyingparadiselost1169d ago

Cocaine is one of the best drugs I've ever done. Experience it for yourself.

A. You're missing out on one of the best biggest drugs
B. You don't like it you can sell it

You can't strike out unless you step up to bat. *snort*

Hellsvacancy1169d ago

Wow, I mean each person is entitled to their opinions, so here's mine, if Destiny is one of the best games you've ever played you REALLY need to play more games

Destiny, although a fun game (at times) it doesn't do anything better than any other games that have been released



His analogy was crap, but you just advised people into commiting a crime... LOL

Godz Kastro1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )


So you are telling me that he should not play because you already have his opinion covered? Wow...

Your analogy was horrible by the way.

@hells vacany

I own over 30 games on the X1. Id like to think ive played a fair share of games. You say everyone is entitles tpo their opinion then bash mine..... Ohhhhhh k.


How is my analogy off.

A. He will like it
B. He wont

Clear this up for me please :/

d0x3601169d ago

Destiny is a well made game that is a lot of fun but one of the Best? Not by a long shot.

Destiny has barely any content, it has barely any story and what is there makes no sense. The game is nothing but a massive grind with almost no reward.

Destiny is fun as it should be with bungies history but its a terrible game overall. Its broken and always will be. I don't blame Bungie I blame Activision.

mydyingparadiselost1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Not necessarily, depending on Snookies location it may be perfectly legal. And besides...

My analogy sucks because it's in the vein of your original statement. Just Buy It isn't really an answer, especially if someone doesn't support the practices associated with the game. There's more than enough information about how it works and what it's about from user reviews/experiences, critics, YouTube videos and more to let someone form a fairly accurate opinion about the game without purchasing it.
Forming your own opinion by just buying it is unnecessary. Rent it, borrow it, look into the information available, whatever it takes but just giving Activision money just to make that opinion is being a poor consumer. I don't have Snookies opinion covered, he/she can cover that opinion on their own, but advocating just throwing your money at something to try it, especially in this industry, seems heavy handed to me.
You can read about cocaine and its effects, talk to other users and look at people using cocaine and form an opinion about it without ever using it. Maybe in the end you buy and try just to experience it yourself, but buying and trying first just seems unwise...

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feedthereaper1169d ago

I have put in about 140 hours and still playing it and I would say it depends on what floats your boat on whether to get it or not.

If you are a big fan of Borderlands and love the whole idea of re-playing Borderlands over and over to see what loot you get and trying to get that next big thing or that next little update then you will probably really enjoy Destiny.

If random loot drops and constantly trying to get enough credits/xp/upgrades/parts to upgrade armour and weapons is not your big thing and you are just looking for a great single player game or multiplayer game like Call Of Duty for example, then you might be a bit disappointed and would be worth your while picking it up when it drops heavily in price over the next couple of years.

I think most people will agree that working in a 3-man team going over the same Raids and Strikes over and over is a bit tedious at times but you get addicted to it just to push your characters armour or weapons that little bit further and a little more powerful.
That is the only reason this game has had 140 hours out of me rather than 40. In fact the single player story alone can be completed in less than 10 hours if you ignore the side missions and other stuff. Its purely the ranking up and upgrading weapons, armour and character abilities for 3 different types of characters that makes it addictive.

As for the article topic about the events being made DLC only, I think its a poor decision. I am not against people paying for DLC getting more than me, its their money to spend how they like and if they spend it they deserve to get more for that expenditure, but I think its a poor decision that they REMOVE features from the original retail purchasing gamers and then make that feature DLC, even if just temporary. If they want to hold Weekly DLC Raids or Strikes then fair enough but it must be run alongside the regular retail versions, not instead off, because however you view it, people who paid £40 for a game with features they have enjoyed every week now have a £40 game with some of those features temporarily removed to only allow DLC players to enjoy it. DLC should ALWAYS be ADDITIONAL content in my eyes and NEVER replacement content, otherwise what will be next? Our favorite Exotic weapons being locked unless we pay for the 2nd DLC, or maybe people who haven't bought the DLC suddenly no longer allowed to play the Crucible Multiplayer? Its a bad trend that I hope is quickly stopped by vocal gamers saying NO! to removal (however temporary) of features.

Dread1169d ago

good comment.

I agree with your sentiment in general, but I feel that we need to wait a few more days, if not maybe a week or so, to know for sure exactly how the DLC will affect the gameplay of those who do not buy it.

If it turnes out that it nurffes the main game, and basically makes it unplayable without the DLC, then we HAVE A REAL PROBLEM.

Otherwise, I will keep enjoying Destiny, which is, for me, surprisingly addictive. In fact, I complained a lot when it came out, and I still find myself playing it almost dayly, go figure.

SliceOfTruth8881169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

what trash reporting. The DLC exclusive strike is the end game content this week...rightfully so. After this week it will be another 6-7 weeks until its the exclusive end game content again. Get over it people if you LOVE destiny then 19.99 is a bargain for an extension of a game you love.

NeoGamer2321169d ago

$19.99 is a complete rip-off for any extension. They have not changed the game engine one bit to make this happen.

Extension/expansions/DLC have only two purposes... 1) Get money from people who pirate or buy the game used. 2) Rape the consumer who loved the game by making them pay to guarantee they have played the entire game.

Gamers have just become used to Activision-Blizzard Capcom, and EA expansion/extension/DLC rip-offs in games like WoW, Diablo, CoD, BF, Deadrising, etc.

No expansion/extension/DLC is worth more than $9.99 unless it gives you a new, complete, full game experience.

Back-to-Back1169d ago

"No expansion/extension/DLC is worth more than $9.99 unless it gives you a new, complete, full game experience."

Don't try to speak for others.

CorndogBurglar1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

How in the world can you say that WoW is ripoff DLC?

They've been making expansions for that game for over 10 years now. Was all of that supposed to be in the main game? Are you telling me that the Pandara expansion that came out somewhat recently was already an idea, or made when they originally made WoW, and they are just now releasing it, 10 years later? Come on now, be realistic.

Same with Diablo. Diablo has a history of not releasing an expansion until a couple years after the main game came out. That stuff wasn't held back, or taken out of the original release. Why wait so many years to release it if it was?

CoD and BF, i'll give you. Halo as well. $10-$15 for map packs that only have 3-4 maps in them is ridiculous.

I'm not saying all expansions and DLC is perfectly fine and dandy. Far from it. But at the same time, you have to recognize that not all of it is malevolent money grubbing either. Some companies actually are trying to bring new content to a game. Sure they are making money, but they should. WoW wouldn't even still be a thing right now if it wasn't for the expansions they've released over the years.

NeoGamer2321169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

WoW expansions are a rip-off because you have to pay a monthly fee to play the game to begin with. They should be giving the game and expansions away for free always...

As for Diablo Reaper of Souls, sure they waited two years, then re-release the full game plus expansion for $35... Adding a full 2-4 hours of single player gameplay and some additional game modes. Why didn't they just release it as DLC for half that price? Why did I have to re-buy the game again when I completed it numerous times? Rip-off disguised as value...

But, I do agree that not all expansions/extension/DLC are rip-offs... Most are though.

Toon_Link1169d ago

While I totally love destiny for the gameplay an expansion should be a new planet not zones that are already in the original game. All this conent has been accessible since launch but now we finally get the quests and strikes to go with it.

CorndogBurglar1169d ago

Oh really? So all the new legendary and exotic weapons and gear were already accessible? All the new areas in the missions were available? The new Crucible maps were accessible?

You haven't even played it, have you? There are large, new areas in the expansion that were not accessible originally. At least not without glitching to get to them. Just because something takes place on the Moon or Cosmodrome, does not mean they are not new.

Play the 2nd story mission and then please come back and tell me you went to that area in the original release. I'll be waiting.

Toon_Link1169d ago


Lol you said it yourself you can glitch to see full maps that were made before it launched. Chill out a little you are acting like I'm the guy raging about it.

And guess what?


I have the DLC and once I have the free time I will play and enjoy it. This DLC is 20 bucks and I know what I'm willing to pay for for that 20 bucks and this doesn't cut it. Bungie is lucky I bought the guardian edition cause this would probably be the place where I take a break and pick up all the DLC when the GOTY comes around.

eferreira1169d ago

People are ok with paying 15 bucks for 4-5 maps but everyone is in an uproar for a content pack that offers quite a bit for its price. Pvp maps, new strike, new missions, a new raid that take hours to complete, new guns and gear. Most here complain when they haven't even played it.


To be fair there are a lot of people who are NOT ok with paying 15 Bucks for 4 or 5 maps.

I think generally speaking the same people who will excuse the devs that release 4 maps for 15 will also be the same supporting Destiny with it's DLC.

For me, the kind of expansions I support are the sort that R* and Bethesda bring out that really expand on story and so on... and not by adding 3 missions I will add!

C1yn3r791168d ago

The raid alone was worth the cost for me!

feedthereaper1169d ago

Its not the price that is the issue. Its the fact that people who have already paid £40 are now LOSING features (albeit temporarily) for a week. It should never be LOSE features if you don't buy DLC, it should be GAIN features if you do buy it.

As I stated earlier in the comments, how would you feel if they locked all Exotic weapons or armour you worked hard to get and upgrade, for a week unless you bought the DLC, or they decided to remove Multiplayer Crucible for a week unless you paid for the DLC.

Its simply the principle. Its up to people's choice whether to pay for additional content and what price for it, and its perfectly acceptable in my mind to allow DLC purchasers to have content that is locked to non-payers, but its simply unfair to take features that have been unlocked to original players away from them (even for a short time) unless they pay. Its a form of retail extortion and although its pretty trivial at the moment, if they continue the trend whereby more and more original features and options are taken away unless you are forced to pay even more to return what you already paid for, it is open to civil lawsuit as the game would no longer offer features for what it was originally bought for.

BattleTorn1169d ago

I love Destiny, and was dying for some rejuvenating content!

But this $20 expansion, short of the strike and raid, is hardly more than one of the free events, like the Queen's wrath but better.

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Audiggity1169d ago

Interesting. I thought the game itself was ruining the experience for some players... because it's mind numbingly boring.

averagejoe261169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

News flash! Not everyone dislikes the game like you do. I know it might be hard for you to understand but just try thinking about it really hard... You'll get it eventually (I hope).

Audiggity1168d ago

News flash! You have an opinion, and so do I... so you can like the game, and I can dislike it.


That was amazing! "Try thinking about it really hard..." you'll get that negative opinions are just as valid as positive opinions... "eventually".

I'll go back to playing non-linear, entertaining games that took effort to develop and you go have yourself a great time with Destiny.

MysticStrummer1168d ago

You say the game is "mind numbingly boring", Joe says not everyone dislikes the game like you do, and you think HE's the one that has trouble understanding opinions…?

Ok then...

Audiggity1168d ago

Got it, ok, so, only positive opinions count then?

MysticStrummer1167d ago

"Got it, ok, so, only positive opinions count then?"

How did you get that out of my reply? Your reading comprehension needs work.

You said the game sucks. Joe's reply didn't even say it was good or great, it just said not everyone agrees with you, which is obviously an acknowledgment of different opinions. You came back with a reply about opinions as if Joe didn't just demonstrate a better knowledge about them than you did.