The Order 1886: Our Impression

Jeux Video writes: "With the PlayStation Experience held in London late last week, we were able to put our fingers on The Order: 1886 for a long gaming session."

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JoeMcCallister1265d ago

Color me cautiously optimistic on this one. I feel it's gotten some bad press for the 30fps comments and what not, but it does look pretty cinematic and overall pretty visually stunning. We'll find out if it's worth anything soon enough.

Volkama1265d ago

I'm optimistic because all the "bad things" in the negative previews have not been things I would consider bad. And the good things in the positive previews have been things that do consider good.

It sounds like the first shooter that emphasises positioning and tactical maneovering since Gears1. Every cover shooter since (including gears 2 and 3) has been stop-and-pop. That plus the graphics and cinematic story has this high up my list.

I am not keen on the bordered presentation, but that isn't a deal breaker.

Cindy-rella1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

This game is the best game graphically ive ever seen for a shooter game. there is no debating that this game has the best graphics seen on consoles now. I love the world, art style and game play of this game and can't wait to play it. Buying it first day

nX1265d ago

Yes it's a real showcase game for how far gaming has come, kinda like TLOU. It's a must buy for me now that Bloodborne and The Witcher have been moved out of February.

Forn1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

The game's looking fantastic. Visually of course it is absolutely incredible. But the gameplay as well is looking very good to say the least. Loving the stealth as well as the gunplay. Looks as if there will be a good variety of mission structure too. Enjoying the different areas/environments the game takes you through. Also like that it borrows a lot of it's "feel" from TLoU, and the cinematography and atmosphere of it is very sweet. Seems like a great gaming experience all around indeed. Don't want to see too much of it because I want to experience it all first hand when it releases in February. I'm intrigued how the story will play out. Can't freakin' wait.

NukaCola1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

This is really enjoyable to watch. The visuals are great, the sound and acting is pretty marvelous and the gameplay looks fun and exciting. I am very happy with how it is turning out. I like a good cinematic game.

EDIT: It is also hard to watch a game played by someone who is not experienced. This guy runs into walls, shoots pistol at distances, snipes at close range. It's ruining the video.

Pintheshadows1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

My god, this game just oozes sophistication from every pore. I just sat their and loved the every minute. The costumes, the time period, the dialogue, the action, the set pieces.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but I am sold on it 100%. This is definitely my bag.

I just want to add as well that the film style presentation with the black bars is a real touch of class and makes The Order look unique and truly wonderful.

Saigon1265d ago

Straight honesty, with all of the bs that was surrounding this game early on from all of the major journalist, IGN; GS; kotaku; and a few others, I was a little worried about this game. Though I was going to get it either way I was a little worried from the way they talked about it.

Looking at the updated content from PSeX and this video here, all I can say is WOW!!! This game looks great and from what I say the mechanics are really intuitive. yes there are some QTEs but most games these days have them. This will be a definitive purchase for me.

BiggerBoss1265d ago

This game looks absolutely incredible. With the Witcher being delayed, it looks like my February is wide open for some Order 1886.

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FPSRUSSIA1265d ago

i dont really care about review for this buying for sure Looks great Feb cant come soon enough.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

The fluidity of the animations are top notch, they don't seem robotic;) it me or does this game look better than uncharted 4?..UC4 still a year to release but damn this look gorgeous, can't wait!

Letthewookiewin1265d ago

Watching this I have become verklempt... Talk amongst yourselfs.... Such beauty.

pinkcrocodile751265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

"The Prince of tides is neither about Princes or Tides"... "Discuss!"

You've got to love Lynda!

The visuals look stunning I have to say, not sure if I'll get it though, I have no idea why and it's most certainly NOT about the game, it's more about me wanting something different....

For me, this just isn't it and I'm prepared to wait for something that has me in AWE! It's not about the visuals for me right now although this would have most people splashing their inner clothing.

I am in the mood for something unusual in gameplay (Suggestions please) and with a sense of humour (Nothing Japanese then!)

Mechanism1265d ago

Looks stunning and looks like it plays great.. Detail is amazing.

Letthewookiewin1265d ago

This is the best looking game on console I have ever seen. And it runs so smooth too. Wow cant wait to play it.

spicelicka1265d ago

Graphics looks amazing, don't like the unnecessary mini-games tho, seriously why does drilling need to be a button press mini game. Personally, I don't find the the gameplay interesting at all after all I've seen. I would definitely like to try it though, I like the way the shooting feels.

HeavenlySnipes1265d ago

It was lock picking

The Arkham games have these types of short minigames as well to show off Batman's gadgets and from what I've seen they aren't excessive or intrusive in this game