Team Xbox Too Human Preview: "Silicon Knights on the brink of releasing a legendary special action/RPG adventure"

Team Xbox has released a hands-on preview of Too Human, the highly anticipated Action-RPG from famed development house Silicon Knights for the Xbox 360 platform.

Team Xbox writes:

"We've been given a preview build of Too Human that is said to be fairly close to final. Of course, we can't give it a complete run through its paces, due to the code not quite getting that final gold stamp of approval, but it's already quite apparent that Silicon Knights has created a title that will strike a chord with a healthy chunk of the gaming populous"

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ry-guy3790d ago

And I will be surprised if this article heats up past 100 degrees since it isn't bashing the game.

titntin3790d ago

Shouldn't even be published with a 'made up' headline. Even the quote is doctored and should say "is possibly on the brink of a releasing a legendary special action/RPG adventure", but tlets face it Zhuk has never been even handed in his submissions.

Its certainly the most positive of the previews I've seen though, and I'm hoping they are right! I'm going to be lining up to play this and I want a winner! :)

hazeblaze3790d ago

Well, I'm just interested in seeing reviews since the previews are all over the place... can't tell if the game is going to be good or bad. This is likely going to be one of those love it or hate it type games. But it almost seems like it's shaping up to be the 360's Lair.

sonarus3790d ago

i hope the game is good. Sucks to see 10yrs go to waste

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Condoleezza Rice3790d ago

It goes back to what I stated before,people will either love this game,or hate it.

Zhuk3790d ago

Only Xbox 360 has the biggest titles these holidays with many AAA titles to look forward to in 2008. Too Human is undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest hits of the year both commercially and critically, with the master direction and vision of legendary developers Silicon Knights and the visionary talent of Denis Dyack Too Human is set to become yet another classic in the Xbox 360s unbeatable lineup.

With games like Too Human, consumers will undoubtedly be selecting the Xbox 360 as their console of choice for this holidays, which will be reflected in hardware and software sales domination for the Xbox 360 over the inferior PS3.

With quality titles like Too Human coming out these holidays, its time to Jump In

disrupt3r3790d ago


sorry but i couldn't help but laugh after reading that.

Sitris3790d ago

That is indeed funny lol

juuken3790d ago

...Dude, you need help.

Elginer3790d ago

It's time to jump out!

joeymoey3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Are we talking about the same Too Human here? Because the Too Human I saw looked like trash to put it nicely no matter how you cut it. There are much better multiplats coming out, and Gears 2 even.

-Maverick-3790d ago

Go watch the brand new Resistance 2 trailer, and get owned.

PS3 is where the games are at.

Enjoy waiting for Gears 2 though. And its still not going to beat Resistance 2. Wait and see.

PimpHandHappy3790d ago

and then jump right back out

as we all know 2008 is the year of the PS3. It starts with such legendary titles as MGS/Socom/RFOM2 and continues with the constant surport of the great minds at Sony. On July 2nd the ppl at Sony will be improving the PS3 once again via firmware updates. No other system can change and improve so much in such a short time. This is brought on by the ppl at Sony really understanding what NEXT-GEN was about.

2.40 will be a number remembered by the Sony faithful till the day they die! It was the day that Sony proved once again why they are the true leaders of Eltronic Entertainment. With blueray leading the way in allowing game makers to really take a dream and make it real or the amazing HD picture that the movies bring there is nothing this system cant do! It is THE HD system to own and come the holidays the consumer will prove once again why Sony and entertainment go hand in hand

ikiru33853790d ago

With the exception of Gears of War 2, you're going to have to tell me which other titles MS has that can compete with the PS3 this holiday season.

Millah3790d ago

Any journalist who says words that strong for this game are either getting paid by Microsoft, or are literally so blindly faithful to the Xbox 360 that they can't see the flaws in this title.

And I have a feeling Microsoft has plenty of money ready for some good reviews for this game.

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jkhan3790d ago

That was pretty positive preview. I just hope they keep that attitude during the review.

ikiru33853790d ago

i hope so as well. this is one of the few 360 exclusives that I'm looking forward to.

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