5 Things I Hate About... Assassin's Creed "I really don’t like Assassin’s Creed. From the moment I reviewed it back in 2007 to this day, every entry just feels like a step further away from what was originally promised. Yes, Ubisoft made good with the sequel and polished that off with Brotherhood, but considering we have 19 games in the franchise… well… they’re not the best statistics."

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Matt6661321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Quote " but considering we have 19 games in the franchise… well… they’re not the best statistics."

Well the COD franchise has 35 games

Just saying, people complain how the AC series is being milked every year etc yet I bet a lot of them still buy COD after all these years.

decrypt1321d ago

Havent bought COD since MW2. The only AC i bought are AC 1, AC 2 (stopped after that because it was just the same boring game play with same old graphics).

Purchased Unity recently, since its a new gen and the game really pushes the graphics amazing to play on a high end PC. Wont purchase more since they will be reskinned from here on.

bixxel1320d ago

Have you noticed something?
In AC3 trailer,at the end they said "Rise"
In AC4 trailer,they said "Defy"
In AC Unity they said "Unite"
AC Victory says "Victory"

Think about it.When the oppressed RISE,then DEFY their oppressors and then UNITE against them,they achieve VICTORY.Maybe it's nothing.But it can't be a coincidence...

wiggles1321d ago

I really wish that they would get back on with the story. The story of 1 & 2 are what really drew me in, I used to buy it until revelations, where I really saw a decline in the story value. I still haven't played black flag, buy judging from reviews, it doesn't do anything to really bring back the mystery that was originally created from the cliff hanger in 1 and 2.

It's a shame, it really seemed like it could be a promising franchise.

Nerdmaster1321d ago

Revelations is the last game I played but didn't even finish it, because since Brotherhood the story wasn't interesting anymore.

wiggles1321d ago

You didn't miss anything, and sounds like you had the perfect stopping point, right before everything went bad.

A3 didn't add anything of significance to the story, and if it did, I have already forgotten it.

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SuperBlur1321d ago

There's a good reason why the quality started dwindling down after Brotherhood. Patrice Désilets was the Creative Lead up until midway through AC:BH development, I believe he left because Ubisoft had just ordered like 3 more AC game from him and he just couldn't take it anymore , he wanted to widen his portfolio.

He joined THQ later and started working on project, 1666, when thq went bankrupt , Ubisoft bought and suspended the project , firing Patrice to possibly troll him.

wiggles1320d ago

Interesting, thanks for the back story!

bixxel1320d ago

Apparently they spoiled the mysteries in AC1 and 2.Which is why the rest have a more boring story.

LeCreuset1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Five things I hate about Assassin's Creed:

1. U
2. N
3. I
4. T
5. Y

Spikeantestor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I've always WANTED to like these games. I love the idea of a historical setting and the world, at least from the trailers, has always looked really immersive, at least thematically.

I just can't though. Open world should mean that the game (the story, the progression, etc.) itself is tied to the openness of that world. Like skyrim. But these games always seemed to offer a big sandbox with nothing to do but obey the linear story.

At the risk of starting more than I already have, I think the GTA games have the same boring problem; you do the linear story or you fart around doing nothing that the game recognizes as important.

This bores me. This is also why what Bethesda does is so interesting to me. They make games in which everything is connected.

Assassin's Creed's world is like a Christmas ornament. It's pretty to look at, maybe even worth exploring the contours of, just don't expect to actually DO anything with it.

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