Nintendo Publicly Trolls IGN's Pokémon Review

Hardcore Gamer: Even though the scores were favorable, some reviewers in particular did not enjoy some parts of the game, in particular IGN with the fact that there was “too much water.” The Hoenn region does hold a large volume of surfing area both above and below the surface. While their comment isn’t entirely incorrect, Nintendo took notice.

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Geobros1348d ago

wow!! We are sure its about IGN's review the facebook post of Nintendo? Ohhh...what am i saying? Of course it does.

Ezz20131348d ago

My keyboard was dripping water when i saw the topic

Yep, it's IGN

One-Shot1348d ago

Or because it's a water Pokemon....

NiteX1348d ago

Did IGN ban Nintendo for trolling?

telekineticmantis1348d ago

That's a Rare sight to see the Companies do.

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