Analyst questions validity of 'hybrid' Xbox 360

Following recent rumours that have suggested Microsoft may allow electronics firms to develop hardware featuring Xbox 360 technology – effectively paving the way for third-parties to build Blu-ray players, PCs and set-top boxes which play 360 games – a leading analyst has said that such a move would prove too expensive.

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hendyman3819d ago

Imagine You will buy brand new samsung 50" FullHD high tech master peace with xbox360 organs in it. How about RROD!?! So packing back to the box, calling some delivery service and waiting for some weeks with the old crt crap tv? nightmare....

HighDefinition3819d ago

It wouldn`t be good for multiple reasons. But they would be able to "keep up" with the PS3, but like I said at a massive cost.

Lifendz3819d ago

I guess in terms of functionality but devs could never take advantage of a standard HDD, a bigger disc format, etc because they have to develop for the lowest common denominator. Especially when it comes to a bigger disc format. This is just MS trying to fatten their pockets with 360 before they drop Xbox 720 in 2010.

micky_21_uk3819d ago

Did Sega not do this years ago with the mega drive. I think if i remember that it was a pc with a mega drive built in. Was it called a teradrive or summat.