‘Far Cry 4’ ups the fun but lacks depth | Daily Nebraska

“Far Cry 4” is a very familiar game. For the most part, it’s “Far Cry 3” with a few new features and gameplay tweaks. And, for the most part, this is fine.

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Odoylerules0001351d ago

Interesting to see a Daily Nebraskan story on N4g. Good ole' UNL...

quenomamen1351d ago

Cool story Nebraska, but when I want news on Corn and other grains I'll ask you.

MysticStrummer1351d ago

I'm not sure it ups the fun that much. It's a fun game, but I think FC3 was better in several ways.

GoGoGadge71351d ago

Well! That settles it! Pack it up boys! Nebraska has spoken!

DefenderOfDoom21351d ago

I was thinking of buying FAR CRY 4 , but SUPER BUNNY HOP said the game was not challenging , but fun . Should i buy this game and play on a harder difficulty ? Can someone help me out? Thanks.

GoGoGadge71351d ago

FC4 & DA are incredible.