Destiny Exotic Gear Guide and Details

JunkExplorer writes:Get all the new info, secrets, cheats and walkthroughs about Destiny from us. Here is a new guide about Destiny’s Exotic Gear. Check below the detailed guide and details. Destiny was published by Activision and it was developed by Bungie for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Destiny was released all over the world on September 9, 2014.

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Yo Mama1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Possibly the most pointless "guide" I've ever seen approved on n4g.

irishyort1344d ago

Yeah i was hoping for some insight.

Ive played it for nearly 40 hours and still not got any exotics. After being creamed in the crucible by people with exotics ive given up and moved on to MW3 then Far Cry 4.

Still holding on to Destiny to revisit it a later date, but until this exotic thing makes more sense and is less of a grind, ill wait it out.

GameSpawn1344d ago

If you do all the bounties that are available each day you increase the chances of getting exotic bounty offers (your choice of 3 randomly selected). A weeks worth of doing at least the PvE or PvP bounties alone should net you at least one bounty offer (doing both while more time consuming should increase the chances even more).

I have already completed one Exotic bounty for Super Good Advice and have Thorn (A Light in the Dark) and Bad Juju (Toland's Legacy) in progress. Thorn is a pain because of the negative points earned from deaths in PvP. Bad Juju is just time consuming requiring 25 strikes (Weekly Nightfall is worth 3 strikes and Weekly Heroic 2 strikes).

If you are starting to fill up on legendary gear and weapons, I've noticed that Legendary and Exotic opportunities increase as well. If you want to farm for Exotics then find a good group of friends and play the Raid(s) over and over farming up the chests and end mission drops. Alternatively you can play Tiger Strike lists and get Legendary and Exotic engrams that have chances of getting you Exotics (legendary engrams have a tiny chance of giving you an exotic -- less than 10% so don't rely on it much).

irishyort1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@GameSpawn thanks bro. It is hard to figure out because i thought i was doing all the right things after completing the main game. If Destiny (bungie) spelled out things how you just did more people may have stuck around, like me.

Does the new DLC change things though? After what you said im thinking of jumping back in.

GameSpawn1343d ago

I have the season pass because I got the Guardian edition, but I haven't dove into the new stuff yet as I have been working on AC: Unity.

Being the person I am, I always over-prep myself for certain games and don't simply jump in and start running through the levels/missions. I like to completely understand a game's mechanics and know where to find things ahead of time to reduce the amount of time wasted.

I use a combination of different sites (mostly the Destinypedia wiki) for my info. The Destiny Reddit occasionally has good info too.

I think the new system for leveling Exotics is not as bad as people are making it out to be. Once people figure out how to easily obtain the material to turn Rares/Uncommons into Legendaries and Legendaries into Exotics. I imagine this is still very limited to certain weapons, but it is another option for obtaining Legendaries and Exotics. Also, 7 coins to finish off an Exotic is not bad and gives Xur more purpose than just being a cheap (I'm using that loosely) way of getting Exotic gear.

Also, never rely on Xur for all your Exotics. He's only good if an Exotic you are really hoping for shows up and you have saved the coins for it, but you truly are better off with Raids and Tiger Lists as they will net you lots of Legendaries and Material along the way that are still good in their own right and for any extras you get and don't need you can break down for weapon/armor parts or rare material in the case of duplicate exotics.

irishyort1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

@GameSpawn thanks. Will check out the wiki and reddits as well. In my 40 odd hours i have only obtained 3 coins too lol.

Every time i went to Xur i could see the disappointed look on my hunters face as she walked away from Xur empty handed.

(Bubble up to you for being helpful)